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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Barack Obama

Success Story of Barack Obama

[icegram messages=”303″] He’s the first black President of the United States, a well-known political leader, and a graduate of Harvard University. As well as being one of the most successful leaders of the 21st century. Barack Obama is a hardworking and intelligent man. His work

The Success and bravery of Christiane Amanpour

[icegram messages=”303″] The world of social journalism is a dangerous one. Reporters do their best to uncover the truths that lay dormant behind the closed gates of  government and certain individuals. There are those who prefer that certain things should forever remain a dark secret.

Dr Myles Munroe On; The Danger of Uncontrolled Change

Dr Myles Munroe: Principles of leadership

[icegram messages=”303″] Dr Myles Munroe: Principles of leadership is an article written particularly to anyone who has ever had dreams of becoming a leader. Principles for developing personal leadership We need history more than money. We need leaders who are more interested in people, than

Mark Zuckerberg,

30 Most Inspiring Success Quotes by  Mark Zuckerberg

[icegram messages=”303″] You may know Mark Zuckerberg as the co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the social-networking website Facebook. But did you know he is equally a great “package” of unrivaled success motivational success quotes? Mark Zuckerberg  has made remarkable success, becoming one of

Dr Myles Munroe on Divorce series 3 : Overcoming Trauma

[icegram messages=”303″] Dr Myles Munroe on Divorce series . In this article, we will bring out the ” Dr Myles Munroe on Divorce series 3″, the preacher thrills us on how to overcome trauma after you have been through a divorce or separation and how

Biography of Mark Zuckerberg

The second youngest billionaire of the world and chief executive officer of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is truly an inspiration for future generation of entrepreneurs. Here is his story of great life and success  that began in a dorm room and encompassed the world due to utter

Myles Munroe On: Protect Your Character

Dr Myles Munroe on Divorce Series 2 : How to Recover From a Divorce

[icegram messages=”303″] Dr Myles Munroe on Divorce Series 2 : How to Recover From a Divorce: On Dr Myles Munroe on Divorce Series 2, the pastor outlines the traumatic experience people usually go through after experiencing a divorce/ separation. Also, he mentions survival mechanisms that people

Martin Luther King Jr Achievements

Top 5 Achievements of Martin Luther King Jr.

[icegram messages=”303″] Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. This is true of the famous Martin Luther King Junior whose life has been an inspiration to millions of people.  You may probably know Martin Luther, as leader

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