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Five leadership lessons from Bill Gates Life and Character Traits

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To be successful in life, is only normal that you look up to those who have made it. Bill gate is not just successful, but he has managed to stay on top as the richest man in the world for a very long time. Reason why so many leadership lessons  from Bill Gates life will be outlined. However, have at the back of your mind that, he did not just gain all his achievements by clapping. He learnt, he practiced, he grew.

leadership lessons from Bill Gates

Along his journey to greatness, he picked up some character traits that kept him at the top for as long as he could and those traits are worth emulating. From his lifestyle, it is safe to pick out elements of a great leader. The elements below if emulated will definitely make you a successful leader.

5 leadership lessons from Bill Gates Life

A visionary:

Bill gates have always been a man of great vision. From his early days, it was vision which pushed him to create the Microsoft software. Bill followed his dreams till the end no matter the tumults he encountered during the journey. Built his company from scratch, envisioned goals that he pursued. Bill left no stone un-turned. Every idea he developed, he put it into action. We can see this when out of vision, he pursued his creation graphical software and built into microsoft software. He knew he was going to be great, so practiced the habits of great men. And that includes:  discipline, focus, zeal, hard work, determination etc. Where the is no vision, the people perish says a Biblical quotation.

leadership lessons from Bill Gates

Be competitive:

when it came to competition, it was very clear that Gates wanted to be the best in everything he did. He scaled through every venture he began and made sure to be at the top in every given opportunity. His zeal to win was imperative until Marc Andreseen founder of Netscape confirmed. He was recognized as one of Bills competitors and Bill did not rest until within a short period of time he surpassed netscape business. Gates understood that competition is the mother of innovation and where there’s no competition, there’s comfort. This leads to no progress. Reason his company was so outstanding and stood out as the best.

Adopt a teachable spirit:

Learning has no ending date or hour so should you. Never stop learning always sought for new knowledge, read books and ask questions. Years back in an interview, gates was asked what super power he wished he had and surprisingly with all his money and fame, his reply was; he wished to be the fastest reader on the planet. It is normal for someone who has attained his level success and glory to think his learning has ended. But no, surprisingly bill gates still consumes books and probably reads every day. Despite being the richest man in the world, he is practically an enthusiast for knowledge. So as a leader, you should always be open to new knowledge at every point in time. Lucky enough we live in an era where a book is just one click away.

Give Back to your community:

 The Bill gate and Melida foundation has so far been his highest achievement, because that is what he is remembered most for. In effect, you can’t talk about bill gates and not talk about his philanthropy and his humanitarianism nature. He has a famous quote which says “The only role other than paying their taxes, whatever those are, the only role for philanthropy broadly – of which the rich should give disproportionately – the more, the better – and I think there is a positive trend in that direction – there are certain risk-taking things, like trying out a new type of charter school or funding a new kind of medicine” Bill Gates. This is one of the most outstanding leadership lessons from Bill Gates life.

Hard work and dedication:

Gates right from his early age was so committed to his work. Aside from being naturally smart, he was dedicated to studies, his talents and worked hard towards acquiring his dreams.

leadership lessons from Bill Gates

Nonetheless, if you want to be an aspiring leader, study the life of Bill Gates, read his biography.  You can extract so enough leadership lessons from Bill Gates life to make you soar.  There are so many aspects about him worth emulating.  He is 100% a leadership material.

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