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Steve Jobs Biography: From a School Drop Out To a Multi-Millionaire

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Steve Jobs Biography

Steve Jobs biography is an outline of an icon , a hero and a true example of an entrepreneur. One of the greatest American leaders in History.

Early Life

 Steve Jobs Biography

American business man and technology visionary Bill gates was born on the 24th of February 1955. Popularly known as founder, chief executive officer, chairman of Apple Inc, he grew up in an adopted home.

Before birth, his parents gave him up for adoption because they were unmarried and their parents never approved of their relationship. In effect, they had to give up Steve the moment he was born.

Paul Reinhold Jobs and Clara Jobs adopted him. Since then, Steve jobs adopted their last name and always emphasized that they were his only and true parents.

Steve jobs dad was a machinist and he taught Steve everything he needed to know about machines and how to work with his hands. In their family garage, Steve’s father taught him how to operate electronics, how to build electronic appliances, how to fix radios, televisions etc.   Steve was already so versed with electronics at a young age,until he got famous for it in his neighborhood.

As a result of that, Steve developed interest and passion for technical fiddling.


While in school, he was extremely intelligent that his teachers tried skipping classes for him, an idea that was denied by his parents. He went through school like every other normal kid and within this journey he met his friend Steve Wozniak a computer whiz kid who later became the co-founder of Apple Inc.

Following high school graduation in 1972, Jobs enrolled at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. However, reed was a very expensive school and Steve’s parents could not keep up with the fee. They had used all their savings money to cater for his education, in effect Steve dropped out of school.

Nonetheless, Steve did not let that deter his dreams. He kept pushing and came up with other means of fueling his vision.

 Steve Jobs Biography

Inventions/ Achievements

As Job continued to pursue his dreams, he decided to partner with his friend Wozniak. Wozniak was a computer whiz while at that time jobs was still learning but had a great insight on business. And in 1976, Wozniak invented the Apple I computer which led them to their big break. Jobs and his friend created the apple computer in his parents’ garage, then came up with a plan to sell it. Fortunately, they received funding from an engineer mike markula and that marked the beginning of Jobs success.

Via apple, jobs was extensively recognized for his significant career in the computer and consumer electronic fields. As years went by, jobs also got himself involved in other things like standing at the fore front of the personal computer revolution.

Furthermore, he co-founded and served as chief executive officer of Pixar Animation, and when Walt Disney bought Pixar in 2006, he became a member of their board of directors.

Sadly, despite all his achievements, Jobs suffered from pancreatic cancer and died on October 5, 2011.

 Steve Jobs Biography

In that light, from Steve Jobs biography, you can absorb so many lessons. Firstly, his elasticity, he never for once gave up even when apple was failing. Severally, in providing better customer services he failed to compete with IBM (competitor in the tech world). Apple at some point was crushing until Steve had to leave the company due to blames heaped on him. Still he kept pushing until he was called back. Just like Bill gates, he was among the worlds richest. 

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