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Secrets to Success According to Dr Myles Munroe

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Secrets to success according to Dr Myles Munroe includes the obedience of principles and the creation of visions.

According to him,

The poorest human on earth is a man without a dream/ vision. That is, if you do not have a dream on earth, then you are really poor. NO mater how much money you don’t have, so long as you have the hope and the dream, then there’s always a possibility that you will acquire the things you are dreaming about.

Secrets to Success According to Dr Myles Munroe

In that light, the most frustrating person on earth is someone with a dream who is yet to experience the reality of that dream. Every human being was birth with dreams and has the ability to dream from God. That is why toddlers always have wild dreams. For instance, when you were young you dreamt of becoming a doctor, an engineer, a pilot etc.

It is in our place to bring our dreams to fruition but the reason most people have not fulfilled their dreams is because they have failed to follow principles.

Secrets to Success According to Dr Myles Munroe: Principles and Visions

Everything in life is built on principles even dreams.

Success is based on obedience to principles not on luck. To succeed, it is simply you obeying principles. The plants around us are products of principles. A seed never prays to produce a tree, it just produces it by principle. That’s what it was created for.

What’s a principle?

Secrets to Success According to Dr Myles Munroe


A principle is a fixed law that is established to guarantee the performance of a product. Once you obey the principle, success is automatic. Principles are established to make life simple.

One thing we should grasp is that, success in life has nothing to do with money, food, or wealth that we accumulate. It has everything to do with accomplishing all that God sent you to do on earth. You can do everything and still be a failure if you do not do what you were created to do.

So how do you accomplish and become what you were born to do? It’s simple, you have to discover those principles by which we need to function.


You have to be self-disciplined in order to follow principles. The key to achieving your vision, is discipline. Likewise, they key to your success is finding a vision that imposes self-discipline on yourself.


Secrets to Success According to Dr Myles Munroe


“Solid character will reflect itself in consistent behaviour, while poor character will seek to hide behind deceptive words and actions.”

Character and attitude are the most important ingredients for success. Never struggle to do everything, always be clear about what you do and what you represent.

You have to be able to clear your vision and define it. Stop doing things that don’t matter because there’s no time. Without principles you will be experimenting on life.

Secrets to Success According to Dr Myles Munroe

When you have a focused vision, you start to narrow down your choices in life. You now know what not to waste time on, you exactly know what you want to master, learn and grow. Vision helps you identify yourself to the people in the world.

In effect, if you want to be successful in life, do not seek success, seek to become a person of value. In other words, make your self valuable and people will pay for you.  Don’t be a jack of all trade, and master of nothing. What do people think about when they call your name? become so good in an area that they can’t ignore you. Don’t be in the general group.

Lastly, if your vision is real, life’s trials and challenges will test it for authenticity. Vision clarifies purpose. vision attracts people.

“You must decide if you are going to rob the world or bless it with the rich, valuable, potent, untapped resources locked away within you.”

The Secrets to Success According to Dr Myles Munroe  can also be gotten from his inspirational quotes


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