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Dr Myles Munroe on Leadership Success; Attitude The Core Principle

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Dr Myles Munroe on Leadership Success outlines attitude as a core principle for leadership development.

Dr Myles Munroe on Leadership Success

Dr Myles Munroe on Leadership Success

Leaders are very unique people. They have a very simple distinction and that is why their thinking is different. Leaders do not think like followers and if you want to become an impactful personality, you have to change the way you see yourself and the world.

The Nature and Attitude of the Lion

A lion is a leader/king of the jungle. He has the spirit \ attitude of a leader. The lion is not the tallest, largest, heaviest, smartest and yet he is the king. Why is the lion running the forest with all these limitations? This is just to tell you that, you don’t need all these things or any kind of advantage to be a leader. you have no excuse not to become a leader.

Leadership can transform cowards into violent warriors.

The lion is the king because of attitude. He has a different attitude that makes every other animal respect him. In other words, all animals respect the lion because of his attitude. When the lion shows up, every other animal runs away.


It is your mind that makes you a leader or a follower. Your thinking should stretch above the limitations of the norm. Attitude is a product of belief. You cannot have an attitude above your belief. Your attitude comes from your belief system. So, the lion believes he is the king and so he is.

The elephant in the jungle is bigger than the lion but gets scared in the presence of the lion because of his belief system. He thinks low of himself.

Hence, your life is what you think it should be. No amount of training in leadership skills can ever substitute for the right attitude

Your leadership development is dependent on 3 things;

  • Your perception of who you are
  • Why you think you exist
  • Your sense of significance

Discover that you are important to the human race and the universe. Find your purpose, you were born to do something very significant to the world. Be married to the attitude of leadership.

Dr Myles Munroe on Leadership Success

Be bold and confident as you walk through life. Have the mentality of leadership or else you will never become a leader.

Increase your altitude, your attitude and attributes(gifts). Change the people you surround yourself with, read more books and work towards achieving your dreams. If you want to be a leader, you have to be careful with those you fly with.

It is not ability, it is mentality that makes a leader. What you think is more important than what you do. Trapped in every follower is a leader. The goal of every leader is to release the hidden leadership skills in their followers. True leadership focuses on producing more leaders not maintaining followers.

When you discover leadership, it comes out in your attitude

The are two aspects of leadership

The leadership Spirit and the Spirit of Leadership

Leadership spirit (Born with); You are naturally created to lead but the environment reaps it off. you get trapped in culture and religion which makes it difficult for you to bring your gift to fruition. Nonetheless, Society wants you to fit in not stand out, so you must be strong enough to disregard societal norms. You have to break away from the traditions, you are going to face critics but you have to know that it takes boldness and risk to push forth. It takes leaving friends behind, you can’t lead from behind, design your course.

The spirit of leadership refers to attitude, mentality and mindset. It dictates your motivation, it is the perception of yourself and the world, it is your convictions that regulate yourself and the world.

7 principles of true leadership

  1. Leadership is inherent in the human system: every human being has the capacity to become a leader. Dyeing as a follower is a choice
  2. True leadership cannot be taught, it must be discovered
  3. Great leadership is self-discovery
  4. True leadership is serving your gift to the world
  5. Self-assessment
  6. Self-manifestation: your leadership is not ahead of you, it is trapped within you. You are not a leader unless you are doing something you cannot pay for. You must be able to be a risk bearer.
  7. Self-exposure: die empty. People will not understand you but go for it. Serve the world with your gift.

“You must decide if you are going to rob the world or bless it with the rich, valuable, potent, untapped resources locked away within you.”  Dr Myles Munroe on leadership success

Who am I, where am I from (heritage), why am here ( purpose) where am I going ( destiny) what should I do ( purpose) if you cant answer these questions you will forever remain a follower.

Dr Myles Munroe on Leadership Success

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