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The Success Story of Robert Kiyosaki

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The Success Story of Robert Kiyosaki

Here is the story of the great American-Japanese entrepreneur, Robert Kiyosaki.  His life is a true testimony that no matter where you come from you should never give up. All you need is determination, discipline, hard work and yay! You will attain that precious dream. Even if you’re not from a well-to-do background, working on these virtues can turn your dreams to reality. Robert Kiyosaki’s success began far back from his childhood.

Early Life

He was born and raised in Hawaii. Robert is known to have different norms and perspective on money and financial literacy. The book that brought him to fame is the “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

Robert Kiyosaki- The success of Robert Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki started life as a average person.He joined the United States Merchant Marine Academy in New York shortly after he graduated from school in the year 1965. He served the Marine Corps as helicopter gunship pilot in the course of war in Vietnam in year 1972 where he received the Air Medal award. He was discharged with honor from the Marine Corps in the year 1974.

After leaving the Marine Corps, he sold copy machines for about 4 years. It was in 1977 that he entered retailing industry selling nylon and Velcro “surfer” wallets and became moderately successful. However, not for long his company went bankrupt. He then started another company in early 1980s that licensed T-shirts for heavy metal rock bands like Mötley Crüe which only lasted for about five years.

After his bankruptcy, he virtually lost everything. In his book entitled “You can choose to be Rich”, he mentioned that he reached the point where he and his ex-girlfriend were homeless. They lived at the back of their old Toyota car for months just to survive.

Robert Kiyosaki Founds Education COmpany-Robert Kiyosaki’s Success

The next significant milestone in the life of Robert Kiyosaki was when he started his Education Company in 1985. The company aimed to educate students on how they can wisely invest their money. Kiyosaki opted to retire young at the age for 47 years old. He sold his business and reaped his hard earned assets in 1994.

One of his greatest successes was the launched of his Rich Dad Poor Dad book. It became a world renowned bestselling book. It was featured in popular media like New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Following the success of his book, Kiyosaki created the Cashflow 101. It is an educational game that trains people how to perfect financial and investment strategies. Kiyosaki is someone that doesn’t just take things easy. He continued his dreams and passion even after his retirement and he moves forward with the same intensity of courage and determination.

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