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Dr Myles Munroe on Divorce Series 2 : How to Recover From a Divorce

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Dr Myles Munroe on Divorce Series 2 : How to Recover From a Divorce:

On Dr Myles Munroe on Divorce Series 2, the pastor outlines the traumatic experience people usually go through after experiencing a divorce/ separation. Also, he mentions survival mechanisms that people try to use in order to avoid the damage. However in the course of this series ” Dr Myles Munroe on Divorce Series 2″ , he also purposefully teaches on methods of recovery.

A crushed spirit, no one can handle it. You need help.

Psalms 43:5 ” Why are you in despair, O my soul? And why are you restless and disturbed within me? Hope in God and wait expectantly for Him, for I shall again praise Him”

If you are on the outside looking in, you will never understand what a divorcee is going through. Most at times, they are plagued with depression. And the secret to getting healed is to first of all admit it. Admit that you are suffering and that you need help.

However, the one answer for depression is putting your hope in God.

Have you put your hope in a guy and he jilted you? Or she quit? You put your hope into the marriage vows and it fell apart. God says try me. I’ll never leave you nor forsake you.

People only experience depression after separation when their expectations were disappointed. Our expectations should be of the lord only.

However, it is not so easy to recover after a divorce or a separation, but it is possible to move on and live again. When you go through a divorce/ separation/ break up with some body, you turn to practice several survival mechanisms. that is, short routes you take to recover from your experience.

Dr Myles Munroe on Divorce Series 2

How to recover from divorce or separation: identify your stage

Stages people go through after a divorce or separation


Did you avoid your divorce?

People practically avoid divorce in two ways; Mentally and Emotionally. To avoid your divorce means; you refuse talk about it, you block it out and live as if it did not happen. Avoid people who want to ask you about it and avoid situations that remind you of it. You even avoid going through some streets or eating in certain restaurants you used to go to. Stop going to certain churches you used to attend together and totally go numb.


Did you escape your divorce?

How do you escape your divorce? You do that, by going into another quick relationship. some people get married quickly after they get a divorce, which is the most dangerous thing to do. Some people escape the hurt by trying to pack it in with another relationship.  Don’t even consider that, because it’s the worst thing to do. There’s no escape from the real feelings of trauma. The only way to overcome trauma is by facing it head on. Look at trauma in the face and defeat it by moving on.


Most people in an attempt to deal with divorce/separation, they deny it never happened. How do you deny something that happened to you? You just simply block it in your mind and say it never happened. One-way people justify denial is pride. Pride makes it easier for one to deny it never happened. For instance, you’ve been that type who walks around saying “it will never happen to me” then it happens to you, what do you do? Denial becomes inevitable. Such people deny it so they can survive mentally.

Learn to face their divorce.

There are people who have been married from 20- 30 years, still have not reached this stage because they are in denial. You must accept your divorce. if someone jilted or rejected you, accept what happened and move on. In order to receive healing, you must first of all accept that you need healing. For you to inhale, you have to first of all exhale.

How do you accept an experience that’s traumatic?

Primarily, accept the fact that you have to walk through it all the way. And this means, you have to stop and start from zero. Accepting that these things happen and now you have to put your life together. You have to get your balance back, get your vision, identity, person, perspective, rights, heart and emotions back. Accept that recovery takes a lot of work, set goals and decide to achieve them. Or you can choose to from it, escape, deny or avoid. But truth is, you have to go through it.

Psalm 34 vs 17 ” The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.”

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