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Dr Myles Munroe: Principles of leadership

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Dr Myles Munroe: Principles of leadership is an article written particularly to anyone who has ever had dreams of becoming a leader.

Dr Myles Munroe: Principles of leadership

Principles for developing personal leadership

We need history more than money. We need leaders who are more interested in people, than in private ambition. If you are going to transform something, you have to engage in it. You cannot change what you avoid.

In that light, in this article, Discover the leader in you and in other people around you.

Firstly, know that you were born to be a leader. Although most people will die as followers because they never believed in the skills entrapped in them.  What is unknown to several people is the fact that, every follower has a leader on the inside and they have the ability to bring out their leadership spirit. You were born to be a leader in the world and in order to achieve that, take note of these 3 things

  1. Jesus Christ created you to be a leader to your generation
  2.  you were not born to be ruler over a people but over a gift.
  3. you were born to make a difference, not just a living.

It is very important to know that you were born to make an impact in the world.

Dr Myles Munroe: Principles of leadership

Principle is a law that affects function. They are not facts, because facts always change but principles are constant. If you follow principles, you will guarantee success. It is a law which means it works everywhere, anytime and for anyone. it gives you the power to always know what to do. Principles simplify life.

Principles of leadership

Leadership motive:

Great leadership must lead to change and this translates to social betterment. A leader should focus on changing their environment. You cannot claim to be a leader and nothing changes then you are a manager

Leadership Vision:

True leadership should not support any vision of process that perpetuates continuance to social injustice. A leader will never oppress and imprison people. True leaders set people free, true leaders help people understand that the is no limit to what they can do or become. Anyone who doesn’t do this is a dictator.

Leadership is always committed to the essence of life:

They believe in the noble values of life. They believe they should rise to the higher calling of helping people. Leaders never oppress people, they set people free and they heal people. If you want to be a leader, you have to find a vision which improves another people’s life not your pocket. Do you want to be a leader?, then you have to be a servant of humanity.

Dr Myles Munroe: Principles of leadership
Before you call someone a leader, measure them against these three principles.
  1. leaders increase the betterment of other people
  2.  Leaders are against injustice
  3. They always work on the behalf of humans. They help humans expand, achieve greatness.

7 attitudes of Leadership

1. Leaders don’t wait:

A leader dos not wait for things to happen, they make things happen. Leaders do things themselves.  They don’t pray for change, the initiate things.  Act on things, they do not wait for instructions. Leaders literally instruct and the first person they instruct is themselves. When they see something wrong, they immediately start thinking of what is to be done. Don’t be a complainer be a leader.

2. Leaders know character counts:

leaders are well known for protecting their character

3. True leaders keep their head in the cloud:

Leaders have a big vision but they also keep their feet in the ground looking out for the people who are not where they are. Leaders must be ahead of the people.

4. Leaders must be aware of their values

5. Leaders know you cannot do it alone. Get a team, invite people in the backseat

6. The legacy of your life is the life you live:  Leaders live by example. they don’t give instructions, they live instructions.

7. Leaders know that everyone should be involved in leadership:

They want to produce leaders. You don’t lead out of your position but out of your life. Your life could destroy the position

Leadership Qualifications:

you can’t just decide to be a leader, you have to be trained into leadership.

To become a leader, you should check out these qualities

Desire to be a person of influence, be above reproach, temperance, self-control, be respectable, hospitable, not quarrelsome, don’t be motivated by money.

Hence, if you want to become an effective leader, you have to start working on this list.

Dr Myles Munroe: Principles of leadership

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