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Dr Myles Munroe : Maximize Your Life With These Time Management Tips

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Dr Myles Munroe : Maximize Your Life With These Time Management Tips. This article introduces us to the importance and value of time in a persons life.

According to him,


We become whatever we exchange our time for. Today, you are exactly what you used your time for. In that light, if you spend your whole time watching tv, watching things that can’t help you, you are wasting your life.

Also, while in school, all the things you did that were not academically progressive is the reason why you are where you are right now. Maximizing your life is simply maximizing your use of time.

Unfortunately, It Is quite sad that, time is one of the things we need most yet one of the things we use worst.

According to him,
To succeed, make a decision to use your time more effectively. And how do you that?

Dr Myles Munroe : Maximize Your Life With These Time Management Tips

You have to live it up and enjoy every moment. Avoiding idle chats that only leads to nowhere, do only the things that are important. Attend to things that matter. Strife to be productive rather than busy. Time is very valuable to waste it on something unprofitable.

Time literally waits for no one. While we can purchase gold, pearl and every precious stone, time is one thing that cannot be bought and when its lost, that’s all about it. Time lost cannot never be gotten so use it wisely.

Dr Myles Munroe : Maximize Your Life

Furthermore, be accountable for each moment that passes. Set priorities. Self-management is the key to time management. If you can schedule your life, plan your to-do list, set goals, and stick to them, then your time will be properly managed. Set goals, name them inevitable goals. Things you can’t do without, things you must achieve for he who aims at nothing, will always miss great things in life. Those who plan are those who succeed.

Always make sure to do an inventory of your life and time spent. Check out the things you did not accomplish and plan for them. Make out time to study what is working, and what is not working in your life, for the key is not spending time but investing it. In other words, reevaluate your life and make corrections but most importantly keep going. Until we are able to manage time, we can not manage anything else.

You are only the sum total of what you have used of time. We all have 24 hours but some people are more successful because of the way they use their time.

You don’t have to be smart to be successful, but you have to be wise in your use of time.

According to him,

Maximize Your Life:

Maximize means to truly expose the real potential of a thing. God has ordained you to do somethings and whether you do it or not, depends on how you use your time. You were not only born to pay bills, and work. God created and deposited gifts in you and he expects you live it. Fulfill your purpose and struggle to die empty.

To Maximise means to empty your self in full capacity. Live your life to the fullest. God wants you to enjoy your life. Do not sit and watch the years pass you by only to be filed with regrets about the things you do not have the time to do.

Be wise in how you use your day and learn how to use everyday correctly. Account for everyday in your life. Do that one thing that leads you closer to your dreams every day. Be the one to govern the clock , not the other way round. Your time is limited.

Dr Myles Munroe : Maximize Your Life With These Time Management Tips

To know more about time management, study the life if this successful woman:

The Success and bravery of Christiane Amanpour


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