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Dr Myles Munroe: Power of Believing In A Vision

Dr Myles Munroe: Power of believing in a vision.

A vision is that idea or picture you have in your mind which you work towards achieving. In that light, every successful man in the world today, had a vision they pursued. They longed for something, a passion, a business or a talent they wanted to develop. And to get it, they all worked hard. Without vision, life is useless.

According to him,

Now how do you bring something from an idea in your mind into existence? you have to first of all believe it is possible.

Dr Myles Munroe: Power of believing in a vision

When you have a vision,
  • How many people tell you that your dreams are too big?
  • Do people actually tell you that it is impossible?
  • Has your vision ever been criticized by the people you love or look up to?

And mind you, these above questions are inevitable. You have to know that your vision may look like confusion to other people. It is your vision not theirs.


You don’t believe your vision until you start talking about it. You can tell when a vision is from God, it makes you look like a fool. If they believe you the first time you said it, then its not from God. Any vision that was received with doubt, the end is always amazing. Vision only has one believer first. Sometimes you have to even convince your spouse. But when everyone doesn’t believe you, believe in it.

If they don’t think you are crazy, then its not a vision from God. Its not going to be easy, but you have to keep pressing on. Don’t give up your vision for temporal opportunities. There’s no easy way out.

Dr Myles Munroe: Power of believing in a vision

You may have breaks, detours but keep your mind on your destination.

Dr Myles Munroe: Power of Believing In a Vision
The first step in harnessing your vision,
  • Make a plan
  • Write down your goals
  • Do lots of research, read books about it
  • Take action

When you get into a wrong turn or a pause, tell your self this is not your vision and continue the journey. Learn to win from your efforts, not from your results. Always keep a positive view towards life and towards your goals.

Dr Myles Munroe: Power of believing in a vision

Your belief system needs to build up courage. Many times, in your journey to pursue vision, you would be back-lashed, insulted, laughed at, people will mock you for dreaming above your current state. But don’t let sight be an enemy to your vision. Seeing is deceiving, and never depend on another person’s validation.

According to him,

Many times, you would think of giving up, you will grow weary, weak and tired but the strength to move on and accomplish your dreams will come from your belief system.

Dr Myles Munroe: Power of believing in a vision

If you do not believe you can do it, you will never do it. The power of every seed coming to fruition, stems from believe. Believing in your potential and your vision is paramount to success. Having the courage to remain true to your belief system is so important. Your journey doesn’t have to be perfect and you do not need to be in competition with anybody. Just make sure you are moving towards achieving your goals. Nothing is impossible if only you believe.

Dr Myles Munroe: Power of Believing In a Vision

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According to him,

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