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Dr Myles Munroe -keys to Success; Unlock Your Gifts and Potentials

Dr Myles Munroe -keys to Success; Unlock Your Gifts . This article is written to inspire you to become the best version of yourself. To be successful in life, has nothing to do with money but everything to do with your gift and finding fulfillment.

How to succeed in time of chaos , trials

Everyone wants to be successful. Success is predictable. You can predict failure, and success, and there’s a reason for that. Everything in life was created with laws. Laws make life predictable. The success of a product, gives a good reputation to the manufacturer.

Furthermore, success is not what you do according to what others have done, but what you knew you could have done. Hence, it has more to do with fulfilling your assignment not about competition.

Success in life is discovering : your purpose and your assignment. Success therefore is fulfillment and Completion of your purpose. A purpose is the reason why a thing was created. Purpose determines success. This is why most people are failing in life, because they are not doing what they were created to do. You have not captured your purpose on earth.

Dr Myles Munroe -keys to Success

Characteristics of Principles and Laws

They are universal: You don’t have to change your country to be successful. you can leave your former country and still be poor. Success doesn’t depend on locations. What you should ask your self is, do you know the principles of success?

Dr Myles Munroe -keys to Success

Prominent: The rules have not changed. It is still the same from the days of our fore fathers till now. They are the same anytime.

Work everywhere and Any-where: Principles and laws have no specific place that they work in, they apply to every place.

Not partial: Laws don’t work for certain race of people or color. They are not set for a particular class or genre of people. Principles and laws of success are for everybody. All you have to do is follow them.

Guarantee success: You can predict success if you follow the laws. There is no mystery in life, examine if you are following the laws when things do not go the way you planned.

They are not broken:  Don’t try to take shortcuts, don’t try to create your own way of doing things. Just simply follow the laws and success will be all yours.

Laws and Principles are inherent: No one will punish you if you fail the principles or decide not to follow them.  The punishment is in the law. For instance, if the bible says do not fornicate, and you do it anyway, unwanted pregnancy is your punishment.

They protect the product: when you follow the laws, you are protected. God is not against you getting wealthy, he wants you to admit the giver.


God doesn’t give any one money, but he gave us the ability to produce. God doesn’t like beggars. Stop trying to get things without efforts. The first command God gave man was to work. He has given you the ability to be fruitful and multiply.

Work is not something that the government provides, getting a job is also not work.

Work is unveiling your purpose. Manifesting in the gift you were created for. You can make your work your job, that is, if you doing what you were born to do. Your goal in life is not to get a job.

Be free from your job and find your work. Your prosperity is your work not your job. People who are employed are always complaining but when you are working, you are fulfilled. Your gift Is being activated and you are excited and can’t wait to get up each morning when you are working.

If what you are doing wears you out, then that’s not your work yet, you are on a job. Work is becoming what you are. Find your gift and serve to the world and the world will find you.

Also, think above your job. The solution to your future success is not in the job but in your thoughts above the job. That’s the only way to avoid being depressed after you are cut off from your job.

The Dr Myles Munroe -keys to Success

Hence, to be successful, stop looking for a job and start looking for a problem. Be a problem solver.

Difference between A job and Work

  • Your job is what they train you to do, your work is what you were born to do
  •  A job is your career, your job is your life assignment
  • Your job is your skill, your work is your gift
  • They can fire you because they do not need your skill, but they can never fire your gift.

Skills are dispensable but gifts can never be taken away from you. You can retire from your job but cannot retire from your gift. A bird never gets tired of flying.

Hence, to live a fulfilling and successful life, follow the principles and above all, unwrap your purpose.

The Dr Myles Munroe -keys to Success

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