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Dr Myles Munroe On; The Potentials In You , Unveil Them

This article,” Dr Myles Munroe On; The Potentials In You , Unveil Them ” ,the preacher lays emphasis on the fact that we should die empty. Don’t let your ideas and dreams be buried with you alongside. Live your dreams.

Dr Myles Munroe On; The Potentials In You

Dr Myles Munroe On; The Potentials In You

The world will be so rich , if the cemetery could be mined like Gold. The wealthiest part of this planet is not the gold fields in south Africa or oil mine of Iraq but the cemetery.

Why is the cemetery so rich, why is it so wealthy? Because buried in the cemetery were dreams that were never fulfilled. Books that were never written, ideas that never became reality, visions that were never manifested, paintings that were never painted, songs that were never written. Books that we never read, sermons that were never preached. In the cemetery is unused success. Buried in the cemetery are treasures that makes God weep.

Unfortunately, most of you are going to add to the treasure of the cemetery. For buried inside of you are dreams that you have not yet brought out. Ideas that God has placed in you, paintings that have not yet been painted.

People are yet to read your books, or to listen to your songs. All these things or creativity you keep procrastinating on, people may never get to see or experience them.

But from today, dare to rob the cemetery of your treasure. Disappoint the grave yard. When the morgue gets your carcass, it should be empty.

Now, what do you call this massive treasure that’s in every cemetery? it is called potential.

In that light, what is potential?

Potential is:

  • Untapped power
  • Unused ability
  • Dormant strength
  • Hidden power
  • All you could be but you haven’t become yet
  • How far you can go in life, but you haven’t gone yet
  • Who you really are but we haven’t seen yet
  • Everything you could be but you haven’t become yet
  • All you can be but you haven’t become yet
  • It is everything yet unused that is still within you

 In every man, God has buried treasure that is yet to be tapped.

However, potential is not what you have done but what you could do.  what you have done will stop you from what you could do, so never be impressed by it. The greatest enemy to progress is the joy of the last success. The greatest threat of moving ahead is getting excited about where you are. Whenever you feel like, what you’ve done is the best you could do, you just die.

On the bright side, no matter what you’ve done, if it didn’t kill you, there’s more left. As long as you are still breathing, God has something else left inside.  God sent you here and no human being came to this planet empty. Hence, until you are gone, you are still pregnant. You came here loaded, you came here to make a deposit and a deposit you will make. If you don’t make it, you are a generational thief because you stole from the next generation. The next generation is supposed to benefit from what you came to deliver and if you settle down on what you have done, not doing what you could do. Then you deprive them of what you had to leave for them to come and enjoy.

Dr Myles Munroe On; The Potentials In You , Unveil Them

That is why you should never allow what you’ve done to stop you from doing what you could do. No matter how great what you have been doing is, don’t park when you’ve been driving. Don’t judge life by your experiences.

Opinions do not change potentials

What other people think about you, is irrelevant to your ability. Don’t accept another person’s opinion about you. Don’t be impressed by people who are doing nothing, in fact never allow what other people are doing to affect what you are doing. There’s more you have to do than what you are doing right now.

Don’t allow anyone declare opinion over your speedometer because God has buried in you untapped treasure. Society is a dangerous norm, hence refuse to be normal. Be different, don’t try to be like anybody else.

There’s a secret about you that no one knows except your manufacturer. The key to discovering this secret is knowledge. Knowledge leads you to the truth. Ignorance is the major enemy of man. Knowledge is the key to power.

Hence, to dig out your potentials, study what your manual book says.  You have to fulfill that purpose. It is for a reason, you were.

Conclusively, die empty.

Dr Myles Munroe On; The Potentials In You

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