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The Success of President Donald Trump

Donald Trump has over the years combined  persistence, determination, confidence and calculated risk to become successful. Today the estimated net worth of Trump, the 45th  President stand at $ 4 Billion. The once businessman and now president has set a good pace for ambitious businessmen to follow. Here is Donald Trump success story.

According to him,
Donald Trump success began right from his early life. He became a billionaire through his highly profitable real estate endeavors.  And also as being president of the Trump Organization. He is also founder of Trump Entertainment.

Donald Trump

Trump’s Early Career-Donald Trump success story

Trump took the same career as his father who was a real estate developer. However, Trump junior had a bigger vision of the future than his dad did. When he was still at College Trump worked for his father in summer. Then he began working for his father full time after graduation.

He was responsible for the financing of an expansion of their company. Trump did this by persuading his father to be more adventurous when taking out loans. He moved to Manhattan, New York in 1971. Here he becomes friends with several entrepreneurs.

The turning point of his life was in 1974 when he gained an option on one of the Penn Central’s Hostel.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump – His campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again”

Within a year Trump had sealed a partnership agreement with Hyatt Hotels.  They, at the time, did not have a large downtown hotel.

After a complex deal with the city to arrange finances, abate taxes and renovate the building, the hotel opened. This is when the Grand Hyatt was a huge economic success. It made Donald Trump the City’s most recognized and most controversial property developer.

The Growth of an Empire-Donald Trump success story

Trump leased a site on Fifth Avenue adjacent to the famous Tiffany & Company in 1979. This was to be the location for the huge apartment-retail complex designed by Der Scutt. It cost $200 Million. The aptly named ‘Trump Tower‘ opened in 1982 with fifty eight stories complete with six story atrium. lined with pink marble. It also had  an eighty foot waterfall. Trump gained nationwide attention when the luxurious building attracted world-renowned retail stores and celebrity renters.

Donald Trump 45th President of the United State of America

Donald Trump 45th President of the United State of America

In 1986 Trump bought out The Holiday Inn Corporation renaming the property Trump Plaza Hotel. It was around this time that Trump also bought a Hilton Hotel owned resort when they failed to be granted a gambling license.

Donald Trump’s Amazing Recovery

Trump wanted to expand his business and opted to build a condominium project in West Palm Beach, Florida. So in 1989 he bought the Eastern Airlines Shuttle changing the name to Trump Shuttle. In the early part of 1990 Trump made his way to LA. His mission was to reveal a plan to develop a $1 Billion facility for commercial and residential purposes. This featured a one hundred and twenty five story office building.

According to him,
It may seem like a cliché that to become a successful entrepreneur you have to take calculated risks and be able to bounce back even when times get extremely tough but Donald Trump is living proof of these attributes. Trump became elected as president of the United States of America in 2016.

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