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Dr Myles Munroe On ; What Men Really Want and Desires In a Woman

Dr Myles Munroe On ; What Men Really Want and Desires In a Woman is an article that highlights the needs of a man and also points out the certain character traits women should possess in order to keep their men and their homes.

Dr Myles Munroe On ; What Men Really Want and Desires In a Woman

What men really want in a woman

Genealogically, a man is a protector and a woman is an encourager. A female at the beginning was created to meet the needs of a man, Adam had a helper (eve). When a man begins to share his dreams, you need to encourage him. In other words, never talk your man’s dreams down. As a woman, you are expected to water and nurture his dreams, ambitions and visions, not kill it.

Even when his dreams seem impossible, never say it. Don’t pull up his weaknesses at his face, Keep pushing him. Even when he gives up, remind him. A woman was created a prophetess. In that light, she is to speak life into her husband. When he forgets who he is and doubt steps in, remind him of his dreams and visions. Make him strong again with soothing words. Every man wants to be assured that the woman he is with, believes in him. It gives him great pleasure.

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Lady, have you wondered why your husband prefers staying outside? This is because it is safe outside than home. When you are nagging, annoying and tiring, you push him out of the house. No man wants to come home after a tiring day to a nagging wife.

Make your home a safe haven. Let it be impossible for your husband to even think of delaying to come home after work. Make him miss home, give him a reason to come home.

Dr Myles Munroe On ; What Men Really Want and Desires In a Woman

A good woman makes a man find it hard to go to work in the morning. He can’t imagine spending minutes without you. Make your home so safe from all depression. Be an encourager.


A man doesn’t want respect, he needs it. Love is nothing to a man compared to respect. More so, a man interprets respect as love. When a woman tells a man she loves him, it means nothing but when she respects him, he knows she loves him.

What is respect?

How do you respect a man?
  • Respect means to speak highly of him
  • Hold him in high regard
  • Praise him

Also, ladies take note; do not respect your pastor more than you do your husband. It will kill his ego, that kind of thing is what hurts husbands in church. Make your husband the ideal man, even if he is not it. If you are smarter than him, never rub it in his face. Help him grow, teach him without insulting him. Manage your man, bore his vision and be his helper.

A woman was not called to destroy his vision. Do not dictate how a man is supposed to live, instead study your husband and avoid criticizing him. keep asking questions that can help him grow.

Dr Myles Munroe On ; What Men Really Want and Desires In a Woman

Furthermore, as a woman, you need to understand your man’s emotions. You can’t expect your man to act like your girlfriend, men are not processed like that. Men and women do not process emotions the same. Women process inwardly, men process outwardly. The more a man is worried about something, the less he talks about it.

Most times women push men away because they are trying hard to win him. Reason why you have to learn what a man really needs because you will be offering him something else meanwhile he needs another.

What men really desire in woman

Moreover, ladies be your man’s comfort, and to that, you have to learn a man’s language. Men express love differently, they are good with signs. Men feel about their hearts, the way you feel about your body. As a woman you guard your body, but they guard their heart. Reason why they don’t express their feelings freely. It is difficult for them to be transparent and tell you who they really are or what they want. They never want to be put in a position of vulnerability.

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Never tell your husband’s secrets out. During an argument with your man, never remind him of the thigs he told you in his vulnerable state. You will shut him up for the rest of his life and loose his trust. Protect your husband’s secrets.

Nevertheless, protect, guide, comfort and nourish your husband. Be his help meet, not his competitor. In other words, be his wife.

Dr Myles Munroe On ; What Men Really Want and Desires In a Woman

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