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Les Brown’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Les Brown’s Top 10 Rules For Success is an article that sets patterns and ways to be successful. If you want to climb to the top, then follow these practical rules.

Les Brown's Top 10 Rules For Success

Les Brown’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Believe in yourself:

you can learn all the techniques in the world, if you don’t believe in yourself, it won’t work for you. Focus on you. To see some changes, you must convince and sell yourself.  Selling yourself into performing in certain jobs. Improving every day, telling yourself “I have what it takes and nothing out here is going to stop me”.

Les Brown’s Top 10 Rules For Success
Amaze your customers:

It is necessary that you be flexible. That you are always thinking about how I can improve this better. This is a customer driven economy; hence it is necessary for you to always come up with ways in which you can improve the quality of service that you are providing for people in your organization. It is necessary that if you are going to compete today, look for ways to amaze your customers. Be of those people who keep their words. model integrity and honesty and make people trust working with you.

Take full responsibility for your life:

Accept where you are, and the responsibility that you want to take yourself where you want to go. We have two primary choices in life. We can either accept conditions as they exist or we can take the responsibility to change them. A lot of people want to exempt themselves from taking responsibilities. All they want to do is, talk about their problem. When ever you see them, they are telling you their story over and over. You want to take full responsibility for your life. If you got your self somewhere, believe that only you can take yourself out of there.

There are 3 types of people in life; those that make things happen, others that watch things happen and those that don’t know what happened. Be the person who creates patterns, and environments. Reinvent your life. only you have the power to recreate you.  Decide that you can stand up to life and that you can live each day as if it was your last. Work on yourself and develop yourself. Empower you, all these decisions lie within you. You are the one to make the choice.

Stand up for yourself:

Overcoming the negative dialogue that goes down within you all the time. You can’t even stop yourself from thinking negatively. Learning how to empower yourself is by standing up to yourself. You have to stand up inside yourself sometimes and say “shut up”. Your voice is sometimes going to tell you; you can’t do this, you don’t have everything it takes, reason why it’s important to shut it up. You have to learn to make a strong and deliberate effort to stand up to yourself because sometimes you are going to feel crazy, nerved etc. work on yourself and watch that inner dialogue for it will determine your life.

Go all out:

Activate the thinker in you. Don’t allow your emotions to control you. Discipline your emotions, for if not, they will use you. Your mind goes on automatic. Your mind is like a garden, you need to water them in order for them to grow. You don’t have to force yourself to think negatively, to feel depressed, or hate someone. Your mind does that itself. But if you want to live a success life, you have to be ready to hone your will and choose your thoughts.

Les Brown’s Top 10 Rules For Success
Stay busy:

Manage your thoughts. Make a declaration and say; this is what you stand for. You are standing up for peace of mind, dream and you have to go out to the world for it. It is not easy to change. there are times that things will just not go right. Life will happen to you and you have to live with it. When you fail, you continue to execute. When faced with a challenge, don t stop, stay busy, continue to do the things you planned for.

Give more than you are paid for:

Whatever you are doing, where ever you are, develop that habit of working harder than its required of you. When you work less, you are not cheating on your employer or colleagues but on your self and your family. Develop a habit of setting standards that others will be measured by. Do not go where the path may lead but go where there’s no path and leave a trace.

Someone’s opinion is not your reality:

you are going to incur a lot of failure and disappointment, pain, setbacks and defeats. But in the process of doing that, you will discover somethings about yourself that you don’t know right now. What you will realize is that, you will have greatness within you. That you are more powerful than you can ever imagine, you are greater than your circumstances and you don’t have to go through life being a victim.

You’re different:

Fill yourself up with positive thoughts. Get unstoppable. Pollute your mind with positive thoughts. Create a clear vision of what you want and where you are going. You should want more out of life. Attend conferences that build you up, get involved in activities that put you on your path. You are not like everybody else, you are different. It is lonely at the top, so be different. Don’t decide to be common but be extraordinary.

Don’t stop running towards your dream:

It is hard changing your life, but with determination you will conquer. No matter the hardships of life, don’t stop chasing your dreams. Someday you will be proud and say this is my dream. Don’t give up, it’s going to take long but keep pushing. That thing you so badly want to achieve, hold on dearly to it. Don’t stop running towards it. It is possible.

Les Brown’s Top 10 Rules For Success

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