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The incredible Love Story of Nick Vujicic

A beautiful love story about Nick Vujicic and his wife Kanae Miyahara has been making rounds on the internet for a while now. Nick, one of the most renowned motivational speakers around the world who was born with no arms and no legs, never thought he would find his soul mate who wants to share the rest life with him. “I definitely had doubts that I’d ever got married, that I never met anybody who would love to spend the rest life with me,” Nick said recently in a video interview… Nick Vujicic love story

How Nick met his wife? Nick Vujicic love story

After a suicide attempt at age 10, God worked in his heart in a mighty way. Determined to never give up again, he has grown into an incredible young man, using his testimony to glorify God.

God blesses the people who are willing to follow Him. Surprisingly, Nick met his own princess, Kanae Miyahara. They fell in love at first sight.

“I fell in love with him the way he is now,” Kanae said. Before she met Nick, she had dated with other guy for a physical goal, but she became tired of that. “The moment I met Nick, I was looking for other thing, and all the things I found in him,” Kanae said. “He is not only a boyfriend material, but he could be my husband.”

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic and wife Kanae Miyahara.

When Kanae met Nick in 2008, she was impressed by his signature generosity in spirit and good humor. For her, Nick is so handsome, and “the perfect match.” For Nick, “it was electric, when she stood by me, I just felt right.”

What Qualities or Characteristics Attracted Nick to Kanae Miyahara?

They also revealed the moment when Nick proposed marriage to Kanae. Many people might question how Nick put the ring on her finger? However, it was solved by his unique ingenuity.

“Baby, can I kiss your hands?” Nick recalled, “I’m putting the ring all the way down on her finger.” Kanae felt Nick was biting her finger, but then she saw it was a ring.

“Baby, I love you, would you love to marry me and spend the rest of your life with me?” Nick said, Kanae just cried.

A lot of people might be curious that whether it is difficult for them to have intimacy because of Nick’s physical disabilities. Nick said no problem, “we are very affectionately.” And Kanae smiled, “He’s got everything he needs.”

After marriage, they settled their house in South California. Nick focuses on his writing and inspirational speech. Kanae works as a wife, taking care of the household.

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic and Kanae sharing f unfilled moments  

Even though they have some challenges in their lives, Nick said that his wife was ready for those, and he was amazed at her love.

Yet Another Blessing- Nick Vujicic love story

Another great blessing comes soon. Would you believe it or not? Kanae got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby boy early this year.

“Nick is very deserving of such a beautiful wife and a beautiful baby boy! He has been obedient and spread the Good News and given testimony all over the world and now God has rewarded this faithful servant,” a comment from Judy Lane Cole.

The love story of Nick Vujicic is a clear indication that you should love yourself no matter your condition and no matter the situation. If you Love and believe in yourself, you will find the person who loves you for who you are.

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39 thoughts on “The incredible Love Story of Nick Vujicic”

  1. Chisom says:

    Wow this is so beautiful. Thank God for His gift of love on them

  2. Abigail says:

    It’s can only be God may his name be praise forever and ever.

    1. Rizwam bahi says:

      Hahhahah ya love is balidne

    2. George says:

      Hi Abigail i like u.
      Even i have not seen you yet❤️

  3. Waqas Raza says:

    God takes Care of every one who puts his trust in Him. Fr. Waqas Raza Roman Catholic Priest

  4. Nooruddin Luni says:

    For the first time it made me believe that the would-be couples are already set in the heaven.

  5. Muhammad Arsal says:

    I truly appreciate kanae and her husband both of them prove that physical look is not important to spend rest of whole life

  6. m.Asif says:

    Hey Friend
    This love is Great (☆^ー^☆)

  7. Mwaka says:

    Amazing. God always care for his people’s.



  9. Rochmah says:

    Wow… You’re really my inspiration..! Wish your life filled with joy nick!

  10. alaa says:

    I love these stories and would like to meet friends from around the world

  11. Gabriel Oladipo says:

    First and foremost I congratulate Nick and Kanae for the baby boy God gave them. I pray that this family will continue to enjoy the love of God.
    God is good and faithful.He knows us more than we know ourselves. The day He created us whether disabled or not, ugly or handsome,He created our wives also. What we need to do is to be patient and let His promises be fulfilled. Thanks to Nick and Kanae for being patient with God until He brought them together.
    God is good.

  12. Vicky Venyena says:

    Wow!!! I love ur story is very inspiring.

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