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Dr Myles Munroe On; The Danger of Uncontrolled Change

Dr Myles Munroe On; The Danger of Uncontrolled Change , is practically talking about, Understanding the necessity of unchanging laws. Why is it necessary for there to be some laws that you can’t change?

Dr Myles Munroe On; The Danger of Uncontrolled Change

Dr Myles Munroe On; The Danger of Uncontrolled Change

To begin with, uncontrolled change will destroy you and the world. In other words, even though we desire to see things change, so many times those changes will be destructive.

The most predictable reality on earth is change.

It is definitive to know that, change is inherent in creation, everything will change. God created everything to experience change naturally. The weather, season, body etc, change is inevitable.

In that light, mankind is the only creature that has the power to determine what kind of change they want. Humans can decide what to change, that is; they have the power of will. This kind of power makes them very dangerous.

Will is a curse and a blessing at the same time. Will is the power to decide. Animals function on natural instinct while man functions on intention.

Dr Myles Munroe On; The Danger of Uncontrolled Change

Hence, the future of the world is dependent on mankind. So, we can create what we want the world to look like. We can determine what is right or wrong, what is normal or abnormal, love or curse God. Abandon truth or create our own. We have this power in our hands.

Furthermore, humans impose change. We are using our power to invoke changes all over the world. Country laws, values change, religious conflicts, scientific creation, economic advancement.

The power of change

Redefinition of terms: we are redefining terms. Words like marriage. We are living in the age of change

The age of experimentation:

At this stage, we are experimenting with everything. Relationships, educations, science etc Humans are never sure of what they want. This is the dangerous period in which we live in. we are not sure of anything.

The is a change in the moral compass of our world. For instance, things that used to be immoral are now moral

Results of changes

  • Distrust of authority
  • Liberalism
  • Lawlessness
  • Immorality
  • Violence
  • Devaluation of human life
  • Sexual confusion

Possible Solutions

Nevertheless, you have to be intelligent about this, because if you are not aware of these changes, you will become a victim. And if you cannot identify these problems, you cannot solve them.

In life, it is easy for you to miss opportunities because you do not know what’s happening. The world cannot heal itself from this situation. Hence, in order for us to solve these uncontrollable changes, we have to first of identify them. Come to agreement that they exist and that the world is being affected by all these changes.

You cannot solve a problem at the same level it was created Albert Einstein.

At this point, doing nothing is not an option: social structures are collapsing, the world is crumbling. So, don’t just sit back and do nothing. Raise your voice and condemn the ills.

What you allow, you can never criticize: whatever you avoid, you can never change.

You must become the answer to your own prayer for change in the world. Don’t ask God to fix something. This is the time when God is saying that you fix it.

You take action.

Transform your society with the power God has laid inside of you. What ever you permit, you are held accountable for. Don’t just sit back and do nothing. Be the change the world needs. Even if it means you go to the roof top and shout out the truth.

You can either let things happen or you can make things happen. Boldly, you can decide to be a victim or you can go out there and make power moves. Be an actor. If you want something in your life you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

In other words, Jump. You cannot change the world by remaining safe, or by being afraid of criticism. If you are not afraid of opposition you are dangerous, so take a chance and leap.

Worst is, we are making changes at this age of experimentation without the evaluation of effects and consequences or even the realities of truth. We are experimenting. It is a shame to make a law, when you don’t even know the results of it.

It is already bad that we let things change uncontrollably, but  bad enough if you don’t say anything about. The  obvious is, things are normally going to change. But it should be for good not evil.

Lastly, before things change, the effects should be carefully examined.

Dr Myles Munroe On; The Danger of Uncontrolled Change

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