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Les Brown – What To Do When You Feel Lost and stocked

Les Brown – What To Do When You Feel Lost and stocked, is an article where the motivational speaker teaches us how get over down moments. How to act in times when we feel lost and stocked in this thing called life.

Les Brown - What To Do When You Feel Lost and stocked

Les Brown – What To Do When You Feel Lost and stocked

How to get un-stocked

One of the things we know about life, is that it is always changing. Sometimes you are up or down, sometimes you are happy or sad. That is called life and we have to start accepting those realities. But during the down moment, that is where the growth takes place. Anybody can have faith, visions when things are up. The real effect of growth comes when a person is knocked down.

You have to handle your challenges with assessments

When you are down, assess yourself, evaluate the situation. What brought you to that point. What are you learning from it. Are you going to make the same mistakes over and over again? You growing through it? Are you getting bigger and better? Your problems will It will not leave you until you grow through it. Until you handle it with grace it will stay in your face.

Les Brown – What To Do When You Feel Lost and stocked
The challenges of life, how do we get stocked?

Some people get stocked in revenge, in placing blames on other people. Truth is, you have to forgive and grow. Let that garbage out, clear your mind from all the unnecessary luggage that is pulling you down. Don’t be focused on what someone did to you but fixed your gaze on developing yourself. Harness your will and let things that don’t help you go. People will do things to you in life, its natural but what’s important is what you are going to do about it.

When you feel lost

More so, all of us where born with purpose, a vision accompanied with good intentions. That goodness gives us a responsibility to manifest our greatness. And the moment you become aware, you know when you are operating below your abilities. However, it is not only necessary for you to have a dream, but also necessary that you work on and develop it.

Life is like an onion, you have to peel it one layer at a time and sometimes you will cry. Sometimes your dreams will be difficult, they will make you cry. Life can be very challenging but don’t cry, move on. Know that it happens to everybody.

Les Brown – What To Do When You Feel Lost and stocked

When things go wrong, don’t go with them. When you have an event and your support system doesn’t come through, or you get disappointed by a close person. You get robbed, it’s called life. Look up and keep pushing.

Furthermore, your dreams are possible and are necessary to come to reality. Take ownership for your life. No one can do things for you. Give your self-permission to test yourself. Always try to get un-top of life because it is the bottom that’s overcrowded. Don’t try to fit your big dream in your small life. Evolve. There’s more in you than you are stressing. Challenge yourself, insist and persevere. Take charge of your life. Create what you want. you have the power to control your destiny, to make an impact.

It’s hard, for sure nothing good comes easy

But when you invest in yourself, it is going to be worth it. Life will put some nuts on your head. You are going to make a lot of mistakes, many times, you will fail your way up to success.

Still, if life catches you on the blind sight, hold your head up. Its not over. Whatever that doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

Les Brown – What To Do When You Feel Lost and stocked

Additionally, you have to be hungry. People who are hungry always push through to do things that others are not doing. Hungry people attend seminars, read books, upgrade their skills etc. They are always looking for motivation, learning and going to extra miles. Hungry people are unstoppable. Always have a thirst for learning.

Don’t allow your circumstances to determine who you are. You have something special, always be enthusiastic about your dreams. Hold your goals in mind, there’s power in that.

Develop your mind and always surround your self with only quality people. Make ‘no’ your vitamin, never accept rejection from anyone. Keep persisting.


Also, to be successful, you have to first of all serve. The greatest among you will be a servant. Provide more services than you get paid for.

Impact drives income. serve knowing that your own time will come. Expect to reach your goals, while serving. It Is better to be prepared and not have an opportunity than the other way around.

Likewise, to get those dreams out of your head into existence, you have to be hungry. You have greatness within you, be hungry to release that greatness. There are no limits to your dreams, everything is possible if you believe. You have the ability to do what you can even begin to imagine.

Les Brown – What To Do When You Feel Lost and stocked

If you want that thing bad enough, then go out there and work for it, give up your sleep for it. Loose all your terror of the opposition for it, go after it with all your capacity, tenacity and stress.

Don’t allow your tragedy to destroy your life

You can decide to let it hold you down or declare that you are bigger than it. There are times when things won’t just go right and you have to deal with it. Sometimes your life will be in a slum. Continue to move, exercise the things that work for you. Sometimes you can just be. Try to back out and stay within yourself; pray and meditate. Recharge your battery and then come back afresh, look at it from a different perspective. Never operate from a place of fear and hurt.

Moreover, don’t sit back to moan and cry. Step out and do something about your situation. Expect things to get better for you. Whatever you are going through right now, know it is not going to stay. This too shall pass.

There’s always a way

Make declarations to yourself like “I’m unstoppable, I can’t be knocked down”. Where there’s a will.

Listen to upbeat music, take a walk and reflect on your life. Strategize, do things that motivate you. Read motivational books, listen to inspirational messages that will boost you up when you are feeling low.

See yourself in your minds eyes and tell your self “I love my self unconditionally. I may have failed today, but if I knew better and ill do better.”

Trust the universe has great plans for you. Release every hurt, and grudge. free your self from that bondage and forgive everyone who ever disappointed, rejected or hurt you.

Throw away negative thoughts, revenge, guilt and everything that has been holding you back and bring in love, peace of mind and lots of money.

Understand that we can move from where we are.

Reexamining our past. Knowing that we can create new horizons. Activating the thinker in us, elevating our selves and putting our selves above. It is not easy but practice makes improvement. Practice and get better.

Know that, you get knocked down but not knocked out. You will be able to get to your feet again. It is possible, live up your hopes and stay around people that will empower you. Life is powerful but your dreams are possible. Start living life on your terms, you have a special power within, create your world.

Life is a gift accept it. It is a tragedy face it. Life is a mystery unfold it.   A song sing it. Life is an opportunity, take. It  is a journey undertake it. Life is a promise fulfill it. A struggle, fight it. Life is a puzzle, solve it. It is a beauty, admire it.

Les Brown – What To Do When You Feel Lost and stocked

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