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5 Life Changing lessons to learn from Robert Koyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki is globally known as the author of the best seller finance book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” A book that has universal acceptance as  No 1 personal finance book of our time. The great entrepreneur philosopher has challenged and changed the way people around the world think about money. He is an entrepreneur himself.  He creates daily strides in business by using his philosophy which is contained in his book. Robert Kiyosaki is equally and educator, and investor who believes that each one of us has the power to create live changes that will better our financial future.He thinks exceptionally and is also inspiring in his ways of thoughts, action and attitude.  Robert Kiyosaki lessons

Life Of Robert Kiyosaki-Robert Kiyosaki lessons

Robert Toru Kiyosaki  Kiyosaki Tooru, born April 8, 1947 is an American businessman and author. Kiyosaki  founded the Rich Dad Company. The private financial education company provides personal finance and business education to people. They deliver books and videos to educate people.  The company  makes money from franchisees of Rich Dad seminars. He is also the creator of the Cashflow board and software games to educate adults.  This also involves children businesses and financial concepts.

Kiyosaki’s seminars in the US and Canada are conducted in collaboration with a company called Elite Legacy Education.  This is the only publicly traded education company monitored and approved by the SEC and the DOJ.  However, some attendees sued Kiyosaki that his ultra high priced seminars did not deliver anything special.

Kiyosaki is the author of more than 26 books, including the international self-published personal finance Rich Dad Poor Dad. It is a series of books which has been translated into 51 languages and sold over 27 million copies worldwide.He has also been criticized for advocating the practices of debatable legality perceived as “get rich quick” philosophy. He is subject of a class action suit against him by people who attended his high priced seminars.  And has been the subject of two investigative documentaries by CBC Canada and WTAE USA. Kiyosaki’s company filed for bankruptcy in 2012.

6 Life Lessons to learn from Robert Koyosaki

Accumulate assets that will make money

Kiyosaki firmly believes you should have enough money set aside at retirement to live comfortably. He does not believe in the traditional “nest egg” idea but rather accumulating cash-flowing assets. With these assets you will have a pipeline of cash flow for the remainder of your life.

Robet Kiyosaki

Robet Kiyosaki

Pay yourself first

Kiyosaki says to budget your money to become rich. View your accumulation of extra money as a bill just as you have rent and utilities. Expect and plan to pay yourself each month by setting aside money for yourself just as you pay all other regular monthly expenses.

Invest in systems, not products

People are always trying to get Kiyosaki to invest in one amazing product or another. Even though he may find that product amazing he rarely invests in just the “product”. He would invest in a company that produces a great product, but not just a product by itself. This is Kiyosaki’s philosophy. 

Use other people’s money to invest-Robert Kiyosaki lessons

More so, Kiyosaki began his path to wealth living as a homeless couple with his wife. His philosophy is you don’t need money to invest, you just need ideas. Others will buy into ideas if you develop them and sell their idea well.

Invest only where you have influence

Don’t rely strictly on a broker to make your financial decisions. Rather,  use a broker as a tool where you direct in and out of transactions. Kiyosaki believes it is foolish to rely on your broker to know when to sell and buy; you should have this knowledge yourself.

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