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Les Brown; Commit Yourself To What You Want To Achieve In Life

Les Brown; Commit Yourself To What You Want To Achieve In Life is an article that drills everyone hoping to birth their dreams that commitments and self growth is the number 1 rule for success.

Les Brown; Commit Yourself To What You Want To Achieve In Life

Commit Yourself To What You Want

Many people go through life never getting in touch with their greatness because of the lack of motivation to push themselves. Or because they have not found something they believe can be worldwide. Sadly, many talented people have gone unnoticed. Many people have not had the chance to be exposed to their talent. A huge number of people will leave the universe without a trace. No one will know that they were here. Hence, it is in your place to motivate yourself to bring to the universe what you were created to bring.

Ask yourself these questions; Will anyone know you were here? What contribution are you giving? Is there something you will leave? what difference or trail will you leave behind. The kind of gift you leave etc.

What are some of the keys we can use to motivate ourselves when we get low

As life goes on, at sometimes you are going to be weak, tired. Sometimes you are going to feel like things are not happening, many times you will feel powerless, depressed. Sometimes you are going to feel like you don’t have the will to do anything. Feel useless and bored. How do you get your self out of a rut? How do you motivate yourself out of your low days? When you know there’s more you should be doing but you are not doing it and you discontent with yourself. How do you get out of that?

keys to self motivation

Firstly, you must be involved in working on achieving self-mastery. You should never stop working on yourself. Never be satisfied in yourself. Investing in your self is the greatest achievement you will ever have. Work on yourself, read books that motivate and inspire you. listen to motivational messages over and over until it sinks into your belief system and becomes part of you.

Les Brown; Commit Yourself To What You Want To Achieve In Life

Many of us never realize our greatness because we get sidetracked by secondary activities. we spread ourselves too thin, never saying no to anything or anyone.  We spend our entire lives doing everything else but taking care of ourselves. Henceforth, decide to take sometime to work on you; you deserve that. Your life deserves some prime time. You are the master of your own show, so you decide what roles to cast.

Take the effort to invest great energy in yourself. Don’t be too busy, don’t get caught up in the rat race. Take out time to attend seminars, classes, grow your gifts and invest in yourself. Concentrate on building up yourself, for if you don’t, you will make a settlement.

Most people are settling with less than what they deserve. When you work on yourself, you feel good about yourself, you think well. Develop a health plan. Good health is good wealth.

Furthermore, live life with energy and passion. Make a conscious decision to be lively. Be happy, you have a lot to be thankful for. Avoid faces that will make you lose your happiness. Learn to stand up for yourself in yourself, fill your mind with positive thoughts and energy. Sometimes you have to shut up yourself.

Les Brown; Commit Yourself To What You Want To Achieve In Life

More so, in many instance, you will get scared and your mind will go blank on you. Watch your inner dialogue, it will determine the quality of your life. Sometimes the enemy is not outside of us, but it is within us. Whenever you are about to do something and the voice in your head says “you can’t do it, you are not qualified” just say watch me.

The biggest challenge you can have is you.

Every day, ask yourself “what do you want out of life” what do you want out of the job, career, relationship, what will make you happy. You have to ask yourself questions. How will you know when you got it? Be specific, don’t be vague by saying “I just want to be happy”.

Once you begin to determine what you want, write it down. Read it three times a day, that is; morning, noon and night. It will cause you to focus. When the negative thoughts tell you that you can’t do it, that will make you focus. It will discipline your thinking. you are going to become so creative, ideas will pop up. Reading it everyday gives you imaginative thoughts that will lead you towards your main goal.

Les Brown; Commit Yourself To What You Want To Achieve In Life

Hopefully, every day you have to sell yourself to your goals. Whatever we demonstrate in our lives, it is what we believe subconsciously in our selves. You can learn all the techniques in the world, if you do not believe in yourself, you will never get it.

Moreover, when you have finally singled out your goals, it takes courage to act. When you have been defeated, it takes courage to start again. When you step into your fears, and continue to push yourself to go on, something happens for you, you will be able to transcend yourself. Whatever thing you want to do, develop the courage to do it.

The wrong things people do in life is, they do not do what they were given to do, instead they go around seeking for approval and validation from other people who barely even understand their vision. Truth is, other people will convince you it’s not worth it and you will lose your dreams. You need you own courage and motivation in order for you to move forward.

Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm

Les Brown; Commit Yourself To What You Want To Achieve In Life

Lastly, if you need to be successful in life, keeping your commitments is a very essential part of life. Once you make some decisions or commitments, keep them.

How to keep our commitments

When you keep your commitments, you start producing different results in life. If its changing a habit, starting a business, reinventing yourself. We have the power in us to honor and harness our commitments.

Whatever you decide to do, make it a priority. Find something you want to do on your goals, make sure it is something that challenges you, that stretches you and do it. This is how to get serious with your commitments.

If you want something out of life, living your dream, overcoming negative behaviors, it’s never really easy as most people make us think. Life is very challenging. you may never have a problem free moment in your life.

What will it take you to get some of the things that you want? What will give you that hunger for success? Ask these questions every day as you continue to decipher the things God has kept in stock for you in this journey of life.

Les Brown; Commit Yourself To What You Want To Achieve In Life

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