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 Myles Munroe On: Protect Your Character To Gain Respect and Trust

 Myles Munroe On: Protect Your Character To Gain Respect and Trust is an article which teaches on the prospects of maintaining a good character

Naturally, the foundation for trust is integrity. Living a principle driven life, is very essential to become successful. Principles are standard, you can ignore it or hate it but you can never disagree with it. Likewise, character.

Myles Munroe On: Protect Your Character

Have ever pondered on these facts?

Why do we call numbers that characters? This is because one is always one and two is always two. whether you are using it in the night or the day, it never changes its character.

Why do we call statues character? Its because no matter what happens around them they never change.

Why do we call principals characters? Because principles are laws they never change.

Furthermore, the Hebrew concept of holiness is integrity. Holiness means you are integrated. It means you are one. You are not a different person on Monday and another person on Tuesday. And then You are a different person on Sunday also. No, refuse to have a multi personality. Be holy, be one.

Myles Munroe On: Protect Your Character

Stop being a hypocrite. However, most people hardly maintain their characters because they live by trends and popularity. A person with character does not live on what’s popular but lives on principles. Don’t sacrifice your principles for popularity and because if you do, you will never be trusted and also you just may never become a leader.

People say power corrupts but that’s not true, power simply reveals corruption. You were already defective before you finally got a chance to show it. Power is pure.

So, the fall of man was because, man developed a defective character.

Think about this, why would anybody hire an image consultant? This kind of person already lost their image. In other word they have no image to project.

If you know who you are, and you decide to be who you are, you don’t need anyone to create another person for you. An image consultant is someone you paid to create someone who doesn’t exist. Politicians, movie stars, entertainers, have no image so they try to sell the public an image. They buy it and then sooner or later, the real one shows up. Most people ask for forgiveness simply because they got caught trying to fake an image.

What is character

Firstly, character, is simply that which is unchanging.

How often do you change? Who are you? Are you the same person all the time, are you predictable?

As a leader know that people will not follow you if they don’t trust you. Character attracts quality. Character is a commitment to a set of values without compromise.

Values are things you value. If you value your marriage, you will not break your marriage vows.

Secondly, character is the dedication to a set of standards without wavering. What are your standards? Your standards will determine your character.

For instance; I do not steal or tell lies that is standard. Character is so subtle there is no excuse in life for breaking standards.

Moreover, set policies but never make any your best.

For instance, never say honesty is your best policy, for this will mean you have a third and a fourth best. A person of character will say; that’s my only policy.

Thirdly, character is self-imposed discipline for the sake of moral convictions. That means a person of character doesn’t need policies, they police themselves. A person of character locks themselves up in the prison of their own conviction and throw away the keys.

Most preachers nowadays try to leave off their charisma, talents or gifts. What they forgot is that, your gifts will never protect you. In fact, they will destroy you. The only thing that can protect them is character. The only thing that can protect your future is your character.

Myles Munroe On: Protect Your Character

Furthermore, character is a constant effort to integrate your words, deeds and actions as one. In other words, character is when your words, deeds and actions are one. Life does not allow you to be schizo free.

A person without character will promise something and do another. Character is sacrifice for principles. It means you sacrifice friendships, loose your best friend in order to keep your principles. To be able to get your character right, ask yourself; Who are you with right now that you should not be with? What are you doing right now in secret that you should not be doing? Cut the baggage, be willing to sacrifice to protect your principles.

Nevertheless, character is simply integrity. Integrity means you are one with yourself. You do what you say, you act what you say.

Myles Munroe On: Protect Your Character

Wearing a long dress, with a big cap or head scarf is not holiness. Your ability to be real, to be one and be someone people can trust. Someone who is not known for being a chameleon.

People are not attracted to charisma but to character.

Your life is your weight of your words. No one is moved by our words or our well-articulated speeches. Your character is what people will watch and follow. Also, there’s no such thing as a private life for that is what will determine whether people will trust what you say or not. When people know what you do behind the scenes matches up with what you say or do in public, they will immensely trust you.

Myles Munroe On: Protect Your Character

A person of character doesn’t need to talk, it will show. The moment you meet them you immediately see integrity in them.

You reflect on the outside what you are on the inside.

Don’t tell your child don’t smoke and you are smoking. God is more concentrated in character than in you dominating the earth. Your words protect your character.

God’s prerequisite for dominion and rulership character is, God’s foundation for leadership.

Before God gave you power, he gave you an image. And the characteristics of that image means you are stable just like him so he can trust you with power.

In that light, there are three things that will test your character, as in, they will show you how your character is being manifested.

  • Power: Give someone power and their true character shows up
  • Money: Money brings out real characters out of people
  • Access to sex: Their character shows up or their lack of it.

You want to know someone’s true self? give them those things mentioned above; power, money and access to sex.

The race of life is not to the swift but to those who endure to the end.

Myles Munroe On: Protect Your Character

In effect, the only way to test character, is by temptation. The word temp or to temper means test for weakness. You will never have a time in your life when you are free from temptation, tempting will constantly be in your life to monitor your character.

Hence, make a conscious decision today that you are going to get rid of things that can destroy your character. That might include; cutting off some friends or bad habits. God gave you character before power and that’s because God knew, without character the power will destroy you. Lack of character can make you lose something you have spent your whole life building in just 5 secs.

To be safe, you have to protect your character.

Myles Munroe On: Protect Your Character

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