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From Rags To Riches; The Success Story of Myles Munroe

Growing up in a small town known as Bahamas that was permanently over ruled by the white minority, life was quite hard. Myles Munroe lived there with his parents and 10 siblings.

Myles Munroe

Early life

The state of their house was such that made it very impossible for anyone to dream of success. In a two-bedroom house, sleeping on the floor, licking roofs, rats and cockroaches. In-fact the whole house was dilapidated and the family barely managed to survive through life.

Now can you imagine how someone living in such a state can have dreams that someday they would be great too?

Sometimes our surroundings or background could play a very strong part in shaping our mindsets. That’s why it is important that in your life’s journey, you eliminate every other factor that could slow you down and focus on your goals. Focus on your self and on winning.

Furthermore, at age fourteen, myles munroe recounted a story about he’s teacher labelling him a “Black Monkey”. This teacher who is named Robertson, hailed insults on him saying that; he was retarded and that “black people cannot learn sophisticated things”.

From this, myles munroe thought he just discovered who he was. Seemingly giving in to the teacher’s label, myles almost gave up. Fortunately, feeling down, he headed home wearing a doleful expression and told his mother of his teachers insults.


His mother used the word of God to point him to the light. She showed him where his power really lies and that someone’s opinion of him does not have to be his reality. From that moment, myles munroe realized that; he alone had the power to change his life. Only he can decide the directions of his life and that power does not belong to his teacher, parent or anyone else but his power lies within him.

From this moment on, myles munroe began to live a better life. He began to dream again; He began having hopes for the future because his self-esteem was boosted.

So, he made a decision to be the best. He began studying and graduated top of his class. Notwithstanding, myles munroe had always been a firm believer of the bible plus he found great interest in the synoptic gospel (Mathew, mark, luke and john).

Although his faith had tangled, these books kept giving him hopes. Hopes that success was possible for him too and that he could become whatever he wanted to be with God by his side.


Onwards, myles munroe furthered his studies to the university level and obtained three bachelors degrees, one masters degree and five doctorates degrees. These he achieved from five different universities.

Despite all the turmoil he faced in life, he never gave up. Today, he is recognized worldwide as a pastor, teacher, bestselling author, and a famous motivational speaker. Although it is quite unfortunate that the world lost him too soon, yet the world has not stopped talking about him.


In the later years of myles munroe’s life, he traveled to orchestrate a leadership training conference in England where he encountered his teacher Robertson; the same teacher who insulted him.


During the book signing, Mr. Robertson asked for his autograph on one of the books he bought. While at it, apologized for treating him badly in his childhood. His response to the teacher was “Never underestimate the power of a human” recounted myles munroe in one of his seminars. They reconciled and moved on.

More so, Myles munroe built his ministry on the vision of purpose. He travelled all over the world teaching people on how to seek, find and fulfil their purpose on earth. One of his favorite quote was “The greatest tragedy in life, is not death, but a life without purpose”.

He believed every one had the potential to be great if only they will search within them and pursue it.

Sometimes, our storms are to teach us lessons that will guide us through life and not meant to kill us . Myles munroe’s experience in life gave birth to a vision.

He thought the top was not meant for him, because he grew up in rags and for a while . Then eventually, as left went  he rose to the top with determination, self- motivation and hunger. He made it his assignment to teach others how to crawl out from the walls of mediocrity and comfort.


In that light, just because others do not see your future, does not mean God does not see it. Myles munroe is one of the best gifts to mankind because he believed it was possible for him and he conquered.

His rise to fame is a motivational story that should be emulated , not only to be read and tossed to the corner. He truly epitomizes the fact that “background is not a determinant factor for success”.

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Do not let your background keep you on the ground. Also, surround yourself with positive and supportive people. People who push you into becoming the best version of yourself. What others think about you, is none of your business. No one can demote you when your promotion comes from God.

End of his Life

In the end, although he died in a plane crash on November 9th 2014, myles munroe remains a hero. His record is yet to be beaten. Travelling to over one hundred and 30 countries, doing what he knew how to do best. Teaching and training people of every age group, showing them the path to success.

The path he threaded on, showing them that if it was possible for him, then it was possible for them too. Myles munroe did not only serve as a preacher, but as a business coach too to about 500 companies. He was one of the best motivational speakers and gladly, in every lesson he thought he always gave it from a bible perspective.

Nevertheless, Myles munroe was a trainer par excellence. he was a combustion in an engine with a strong personality, determined, focused and vibrant.

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From Rags To Riches; The Success Story of Myles Munroe

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