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Secret to success by Self-Made Billionaire-Jack Ma: Hint, the secret is not IQ

We know that when it comes to sharing business knowledge, Jack Ma is exceptional and is always ready to share from his abundant vine of wisdom.In fact  there is always something unique to learn from the business magnate. His teachings on success and business are contained in his books and motivational speeches. They are indeed motivational and life changing. He always stresses that you can become anything you want to be if you believe in yourself. So what’s your dream, do you ever get skeptical of attaining this precious dream of yours. Don’t be. I said don’t! simply believe in yourself and follow this success secrete by someone who is living his very own dreams… Here is Jack Ma success secrete, read on.

Jack Ma -Jack Ma success secrete

Jack Ma -Jack Ma success secrete

Jack Ma, the founder and CEO of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba (think of it as his country’s Amazon), knows something about what it takes to succeed despite long odds. He grew up poor, failed his university entrance exams (twice), and was turned away from dozens of jobs. Now he’s worth $29 billion.

What does he credit for his success? –Jack Ma success secrete

In a recent talk at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum, he explained that while IQ is certainly helpful, and EQ is also beneficial for getting ahead, his rags to riches story was possible only because he possessed another extremely valuable quality, LQ. “If you want to be respected, you need LQ,” he told the bigwigs who gathered at the forum.

Jack Ma -Jack Ma success secrete

Jack Ma -Jack Ma success secrete

Our secret weapon to beat the machines: LQJack Ma success secrete

What’s LQ? It’s “the quotient of love, which machines never have,” Ma explained. In a world of rising technology, what will allow you to succeed isn’t sheer mental horsepower  computers will always be faster and more accurate, after all nor is it just basic EQ, like regulating your own emotions and recognizing others’. What sets humans apart is love, i.e. our feeling for justice, our creativity in the face of challenges, our ability to empathize deeply and respond wisely.

“A machine does not have a heart, a machine does not have a soul, and a machine equally does not have a belief. Humans have souls, have the belief, have the value; we are creative, we are showing that we can control machines,” he insisted.

The problem however, according to Ma, is that we’re training young people to try to outdo machines in areas where we’ll never beat them. Instead, we should be nurturing children’s LQ. “We have to teach our kids to be very, very innovative, very creative,” Ma said. “In this way, we can create jobs for our own kids.”

Jack Ma -Jack Ma success secrete

Jack Ma -Jack Ma success secrete

Unlike Elon Musk, Ma is optimistic about the future of humanity in an A.I-filled world as long as we prepare the next generation properly by nurturing their souls as well as their analytic and computational skills. “Human beings should have the self-confidence,” he concluded. “Human beings have the wisdom. Machines do not have the wisdom.”

We also recommend the Eight lessons for Every successful career by Jack Ma, Alibaba Founder…Jack Ma success secrete.


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