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Les Brown; Discipline Your Thinking In Order TO Achieve Your Goals

Thinking the right thoughts, will give us the right results. In other words, what you are on the outside is as a result of what you think within. In that light, les brown shapes our thinking abilities. he guides us on how to discipline our thinking.

Les Brown; Discipline Your Thinking In Order TO Achieve Your Goals

What to think about

Right now, take a look at your life. Look at the things that took place in your life this year and ask yourself, did you achieve the goals you set out to achieve? Or did you do the things you so badly wanted to do?

As you look at your life and begin to take inventory, ask yourself that; are there some dead weight people in your life who needs to be eliminated? Think about unloading.

If a relationship is more delipidating than It is empowering, then you have to cut it. A lot of us are not making progress in life because we have never sat back to take true inventory of our lives. As you begin to look at your emotional, spiritual and intellectual development, think about the number of new things you learnt this year. How many seminars did you attend, books you read in order to improve your wisdom and knowledge?

Furthermore, what are some of the things you picked up along the way and thought it was you (poor habits). Reexamine your life. What beliefs Are you holding on to that does not allow your life to flow in its successful path. Are there any events or people that have shaped you?

Les Brown; Discipline Your Thinking In Order TO Achieve Your Goals

What are the things you need to let go? The things that stifle your growth?

Look at your career, what are the things that make you the best in the market place.

Are you living your dreams, your passion?

What is that one thing you would do that will guarantee your success.

Is there a course that if you venture on, will make you want to change the world? Have you found something in your life where you are passionate working on? What is your biggest setback, failure or defeat in the past year.

What is that thing if someone really knew, no one would want to get into a relationship with you.

Are you happy with how you living your life? Is there any chance you exploiting your abilities and talents? What gifts are you sitting on? Have you been afraid to try something different because you are afraid of what people will think?

Character building activities

Character is the pattern of behavior of personality found in an individual or group, moral strength, self-discipline, fortitude that what’s going to be required in other to begin to manifest your greatness.

Looking at yourself, think about; what is it you need to be in the process of doing more of a less of, like being more direct. Are you the kind of person who doesn’t tell people what you thought because you are scared of hurting peoples feelings? Are the one scared of saying NO?

More so, you can do so many things, but it is very good to pick something and work on until it becomes perfect. For, only when you focus on a particular niche, then you will begin to reap your results.

Les Brown; Discipline Your Thinking In Order TO Achieve Your Goals

In that light, be more focused, honest, fearless and adventurous.

Find something in your life you need to take care of. Is it procrastination, laziness or an unbalance life (watching tv more than you study)? Fix it. Don’t work harder in your job than you work on yourself.

Think of five things that if you had the courage to do those things you will have satisfaction within and self-respect. You will feel accomplished. Take your time and write down these things.

Still, a lot of people think change is impossible for them. They make it a habit to always say things like “this is the way I’ am”. Most people’s fear of change is too great.

In effect, it takes courage to live your dreams and manifest your talents. It takes courage to be happy, just to be you, even just to be able to live, takes courage.

So, as you begin to look at where you want to go and take personal inventory, it is going to be very painful. It takes courage to admit some things like failures, past mistakes and old habits.

Les Brown; Discipline Your Thinking In Order TO Achieve Your Goals

However, it is very important to ask questions when looking at your life. Questions like; what you are doing right now, is it giving you what you want? It takes courage to enjoy yourself.

Additionally, most people develop the “what’s the use attitude” or the “I really don’t care, its not worth the Hussle” attitude. But the fact that you are not living your dream should be a big concern to you.

never try to live life playing safe. A lot of people don’t do the things they are capable of doing because they allow themselves to follow the crowd. They allow other people’s behaviors to dictate their own behavior. Meanwhile some allow their low confidence to immobilize them.

Nonetheless, among the 5 things you have written, ask yourself this question; what is the worst thing that can happen when you do it? When you name the fears that put you in control, you take charge of it.

Les Brown; Discipline Your Thinking In Order TO Achieve Your Goals

What are the benefits of acting courageously, or taking life on? Are you going to feel achieved and accomplished when you do? Write the benefits down and focus on them not instead of the liabilities -and your fears. Think about how good you will feel and about the sense of self-worth you will have when you finally achieve your goals.

Acknowledge your fears and then go into action. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Anybody who has ever taken or done anything doesn’t mean they were not afraid. Courage is not an absence of fear.

When you look towards the future, are you doing the things that leads you to the path you envisioned for your future?

When you look at your life, and notice you are not doing what you want, you owe it to your self to make a change. If you doing a job that does not make you happy, you have to make a change. However, most people resist change, because they don’t want to challenge the unknown. They can’t just step out there, without seeing everything happening in place but life does not work that way.

You have to trust what you have in you. There’s creativity and power in you to produce whatever you want.

Les Brown; Discipline Your Thinking In Order TO Achieve Your Goals

But, will it be easy? No. It will be turbulent, painful etc. Truth is, pain is everywhere, so do the things you want to do anyway. Most people spend their lives wanting to avoid the pain of rejection, disappointments, loss, lack of support, criticisms etc, but that’s life, when there’s no pain, there’s no gain. Yet there’s one thing you should never experience, that is; the pain of regret. Regretting the things, you wished you had done.

Most people are guarded by their habits, fears and opinion of others. They are leaving in the context of what other people think of them. When someone they believed in or trusted tells them they can’t do it, they believe and give up.

Nevertheless, so many things are possible for you. Think about what your life will be like if you gave up what people said about you.

What will your life be like if you decided to act on your dreams? A lot of people are scared of having the courage to be who they are, to love and to live. Courage is what feels right in your heart not just situational ethics. Courageous people experience fear but they move forward anyway.

Les Brown; Discipline Your Thinking In Order TO Achieve Your Goals

Conclusively, many people have died with ideas and dreams because of fears.

Hence, looking at your future and trying to live your purpose is going to take all of you. It is going to need everything; your strength, determination, sleepless nights, hunger etc. So be prepared and walk through life with your head held high. Don’t allow inner doubts to take you off your dreams.

The circumstances of life or surrounding your vision wont deal with who you are, so ignore them. The possibilities of what you can do you is unlimited. your failures are an investment in life. When you focus on your goals, things will begin to click for you.

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