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T.D Jakes on; How To Develop Successful Habits

If you study the lives of successful people, you will notice that they portray very prominent habits. That is; there’s a prescribed formula for success. You have to behave and act in a certain way, to attract the kind of success you deserve. However, no one was born with these habits they were all developed. Hopefully, Mega Pastor T.D Jakes gives us insights on how to develop successful habits.

How To Develop Successful Habits

T.D Jakes on; How To Develop Successful Habits

You must know what you are going after

You can’t live your life meandering around hoping you hit something and whatever you hit, you say that’s what I was aiming at.

In life, you have to have a specific target in mind. Many people don’t succeed in life because they don’t take out time to research on what they are going after. They ask for things they are not even prepared for. You have to be careful about asking because when you ask for something you might get it.

Before you decide to go after something, first of all ask God if it Is yours. Because if its not yours, the only reason you are going after it is because it looks good on somebody else. You begin to covet what belongs to somebody else. Most people want everything they see somebody else with. They buy clothes and wear hairstyles that don’t look good on them. Some even go to the extent of buying houses they can’t afford because they are trying to keep up with somebody else.

But if you really want to be a winner or come off as successful or bright, only go after things that are meant for you to have. it will make you look successful.

Pick your battles

what makes you great is when you pick your battles. There are some things that you don’t fight because that’s not your fight. You don’t want to covet some other persons battle because you may not have been anointed to fight that fight like they are.

Never envy anybody’s success

Envy is the attitude that you have about another person’s success. And the quickest way of stop being envious of other people’s lives is to know your own life is preparing you for something great. Know that that there are in your life defining moments. Moments that if you handle properly, they are pivotal points that can change your life for a lifetime.

It is at this point that when you know what you are going after, everything you went through before is justified in preparing you for these defining moments.

Know what you are going after, be clear about your directions

Don’t wake up in the morning as if something is going to happen. Wake up in the morning to make something happen. Get up out of the bed with an agenda.

You get up and nothing happens and you are happy saying “at least I’m up”. But people who wake up like that end up doing nothing in weeks and the week’s turn into months and the months turn to years. Years of mediocrity is what causes people to be bitter. Bitter people are those ones who get around people who spend their time complaining, people who are not seeing much activity. They are bitter, cynical, jealous, complaining because nothing is happening.

Surround yourself with successful people

If you want to get around less gossip and jealousy, get around successful and busy people. People who are so busy and focused on their business, have no time to care about what is happening is someone’s life. They don’t care about cheap talks or gossip. Only idle people can have time for such things.

T.D Jakes on; How To Develop Successful Habits

When you wake up with an agenda, you don’t have the luxury about “how you feel” because you have no relationship with how you feel.  It is about what you do.

Forget your past and dwell in the present

In other words, do not let your past affect your present. Wash your past and everything you picked along your journey. Most people get damaged by the environments they came from, in effect they become stereotypes. The whole problem is not whether you went through a bad experience or not, the thing that makes you bitter is that, you never washed your face.

How To Develop Successful Habits

T.D Jakes on; How To Develop Successful Habits

Bitter people can never make progressions in life. They keep living life on statistics. That is, thinking that because someone did something to them, everyone was going to act that same way towards them. If you lost your job because of racism or because your boss did not like, should not make you resent working.

Other people’s behaviors towards you, doesn’t have to define you, but them. Never make life’s experiences make you bitter and recalcitrant. Never!!!

Your past will make you forfeit your opportunity of moving forward

The past keeps you stuck no matter how educated, or your level of connection. Nonetheless, put on a fresh attitude, things are not just going to adjust to your pace and the things you like.

The one thing plaguing the society right now, is this mentality of “keeping it real”.  What they do not understand is that, keeping it real will keep you broke, divorced, it will leave you unemployed because people want to see you showing up at work happy. Keep your real to yourself. Nobody has time for that.

Do what you have to do, in order to get to where you want to go

If you don’t start changing your attitude, you will miss your altitude. Be prepared for the things in your future. Although you are not going yet, you are already prepared for it. Because when it does happen, you won’t have to get ready, you will be ready. People need to look at your preparation and determine your destination.

In the process, people will judge you for where you are because you are dressed for where you are going. But let them stare. Be ready for things you haven’t seen and things you haven’t heard before. Get ready until people who know your present begin to wonder who you think you are.

Lastly, enjoy the journey, not the destination.

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T.D Jakes on; How To Develop Successful Habits

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