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Dr Myles Munroe On; Purpose, Mission And Vision

Making it to the end of the assignment is more important than the assignment, because we are professional beginners but very poor finishers. We have to make sure the vision is accomplished, so Gods purpose is fulfilled. Nonetheless, as the article unfolds we come to comprehend the definitions, and significance of purpose, mission and vision.

Dr Myles Munroe On; Purpose, Mission And Vision

Purpose, Mission And Vision

Purpose is the ultimate original reason for the creation of a thing. Mission comes from purpose and it is the general assignment to fulfill that purpose. Vision is unique and customized. It is distinctive. Purpose is a project you see in our heart. Vision is the means to fulfill that purpose.

For example, you mission maybe to want a house, your vision will be how to go about building that house. Your picture of the house is your vision.

When you have the vision, you have to start working. A vision always activates people. It gives them something to work on. When a house is built (vision), the mission is accomplished. And at the end the purpose is accomplished.

Furthermore, vision provides unity in diversity. God has provided a vision. Every vision goes through phases. Where you are living now, might not be where you live for the rest of your life. Just hang in there until God says its over.

Vision indeed goes through many phases. So, stay steady. More so, vision will speak to the ends of times, even though it tarries, wait for it. It shall come to pass.

Purpose, Mission And Vision

In that light, every human was created by God to add meaning to life. Until you discover that purpose for which you were created, you will never be fulfilled. You will be tired, disgruntled and hateful.

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In effect, to successfully complete this course called life, there some questions you need to answer. They are; The five questions of the human heart: the most important questions on planet earth. They control every human life. Where you I’ve, what you wear, or what you study are controlled by these questions. They control the kind of friends you keep, they control every industry on earth etc. these five questions control life. The problem is, until you answer these five questions, you can never have a meaningful life. They motivate everything you do

The Five Questions of The Human Heart

  1. Who am I: it seems simple but it is not. An average person in this world right now, doesn’t know who they are. Because we don’t know who we are, we put on other people’s images. We wear other people to look important because we do not know who we are. You try to be like others.
  2. Where am I from? this question has nothing to do with ethnicity. Until you know where you came from, your life has no value. Your value comes from your source.
  3. Why am I here? An average person in this world right now, does not know why they exists. That’s why most people are so stocked up in their routines. Even religion is being used to keep us busy, because we are afraid we don’t know why we are here.
  4. What can I do? What are my true abilities? most people are living far below their true abilities.
  5. Where am I going? Most people are simply going to old. What is your destiny? What is your sense of destination? How do you know if you have finished? An average person lives just to retire. You were not born just to keep a budget going or to retire, that’s frustration. People live all their years, going to the same job, making other people rich and they die in their poverty.
Purpose, Mission And Vision

We have to deal with these questions, no matter how cute you think you are. Humans hate to evaluate themselves, that’s why they do things they don’t like in order please people.

The greatest tragedy in life is not death, it is something worst than death. It is life without a purpose. Thus, it is more tragic for you to be alive and not have a purpose. Than to be dead and not know life, a dead man doesn’t have to give a reason for his dead. Most people die without knowing why they were born.

However, do you know the wealthiest place on earth? It is not the gold mines, or the oil fields. It is the cemetery. Why is the cemetery so wealthy?

Because buried down there were books that were never written, songs that were never sung, poetry that were never read, businesses that was never ventured. Ideas that were never brought fought, filled with leaders that died as followers. It is filled with ideas that people were supposed to be enjoying.

Purpose, Mission And Vision

People don’t know how close they are to the cemetery yet they are full of treasure. You have to die empty. You were born to die empty not old.

The only reason God has extended your life is because you are full of so many stuffs. Being old doesn’t mean you are blessed. Have you found your treasure?

You came to earth to make a deposit. Not your bills, but your gifts.

The graveyard is filled with Gods potentials in human beings. They keep taking the dreams to the cemetery. You must not die full.

What is potential

  1. Dormant power
  2. Untapped strength
  3. Unused ability
  4. Dormant success

A whole generation is crying for you to use your gift because they will need them. procrastination is a thief of generation. What you have done so far, is nothing compared to what you are supposed to be doing. Stop postponing destiny.

Purpose, Mission And Vision

The next generation needs you. God himself is potential. Omni means All. Potent it means power, ability, energy, force, strength

Omni – potent. There’s only one person this word is prescribed to and it means All power potential, energy. God is everything and he never stopped working.

Everything God created, was inside of him. he released his potentials in the beginning of creations. Just like you would have met God and not know the things that have been laid down in him, you have met people without knowing the potentials within them. hence, never underestimate any one. That is why God never throws anyone away.  God alone knows the treasures he has put in that person. Even though men reject them.

Lastly, when God looks at you, he doesn’t see a person, he sees a destiny. Your future is trapped inside of you. It is time to unleash it.

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