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Myles Munroe On: Understanding The Secret To Influencing Your World

How do you rise from the floor? Sometimes people think you are just special but they are wrong. Every human being was created by God to become an influence. Reason why you ought to pay keen attention to ” Understanding the secret to influencing your world” . It underlines every core principle on how to become influential, so you stop wondering why some people are well known and others are not.

Influence simply means to dominate in life. Anyone with influence is someone dominating an environment that they are in. They have this force surrounding them that makes people listen, copy and believe them. Whoever dominates an area of life, will have an influence on earth. Don’t confuse fame with influence. Influence is what last after you are dead. Fame is a flame.

Influence means, your life has so much influence that even dead can’t wipe you out. For example, martin Luther king.

You are too old to not start being influential. As an individual, you were placed in time to influence generations. Many times, we confuse influence with popularity. Not every one who is popular will be influential. Popularity comes from the word population.

Influential people are not necessarily popular, but they are impactful.

God sent you to earth to be an influence. You were not born just to exists, you were born to make an Impact. God is tired of people just trading water.

God puts us in time, in order for us to unwrap our true potentials and live out purpose.

Time is defined as the interruption of eternity. We were placed in time to fulfill purpose and this purpose will add meaning into our lives.

You were born to influence time, and you don’t need to live long to influence the planet. Age is not is not a measure of impact. God gave us time so we can live life in phases.

Phases In Life

What have you done in last 10 days that has moved you forward in your purpose. How do you spend your time? Thank God for years. It pushes things back. Don’t be attached to a phase. In fact, never let a phase define you. Be free from them. God gives us new years to set us free from the previous years. Every year God gives us is supposed to be preparation for the next one. Don’t let any phase in life define you.

Your phases are still ahead of you. You might have lost your business, clients, money, it is okay, more is ahead of you. Never allow the past phases to destroy the future phases. No phase is forever.

Expect the best yet prepare for the worst. What ever you going through right now, won’t last. Everything is just a season. To every purpose, there is a time.

Relationships go through seasons. The past is a portion of your future. Your past has life because you give it. People who hurt you, goals you did not achieve, friends you lost, you must drop it. You cannot change the past but you could plan the future. The future gives hope to the past. The past should never be your habitation. Living in your past errors and mistakes will never make you grow. Move on and achieve greatness.

Your Future

There are some people you need to forget. Your future is not ahead of you, it is trapped within you. It has nothing to do with other people. You are like a seed, you possess your future. Your future is in you and its in your capacity to make sure you walk into your future.

God is committed into the vision he put into your life, so whether people help you or not, God will always be your helper. Your future is always important than your past. With God, your future is concealed.

The most important thing on earth is to make it to your future. The race to your future is a marathon. Don’t try to speed it up, take your time and keep moving. You don’t want to be ahead of God in your race neither should you be right behind until you miss sight of him.

You should realize that, if you fail it is bad for God’s reputation. So, God has to help you succeed so he doesn’t embarrass himself. You will succeed because God will protect his name. your success determines his success.

The key to the future is trapped inside of God. When you do not know God’s plan for your life, you will invest in things that have nothing to do with your life.

No matter how you fail, God will use your failure as a testimony and get you back on the road. He can take your mess and turn it into a miracle. purpose is permanent, that’s why God never gives up on you. It overcomes your mistakes, that’s why mistakes will never be bigger than purpose. No matter what you’ve done, God will always restore the destiny for your life.

Your Life’s Journey

Despise not the days of little beginnings. You will not remain little forever. What you are going through now, people don’t know who you are yet, but they are going to be shocked when you come out on the other side. There is still a future for you, and people should not laugh until the game is over.

You maybe broke, but that is temporary phase. There is a future for you.

What kind of books are you reading or music you are listening to.  How are you spending your time?

The turn of a new season, gives us an opportunity to begin again. This is why God gives us new years to begin again. A new season is a time to reconnect with your values. Get back to the things that are valuable to you.

A new season presents us with the opportunity to re-position ourselves for success. Re-examine your purpose and vision and make sure you are in alignment with them.

The secret to success

The greatest enemy of success if your fear of failure. If you are going to fail, fail big. Try something and fail. The greatest enemy of success is your last success. You may be so satisfied with what you have achieved that it stops you from seeking for more success. The world is so mediocre. So, do not measure success by what other people tell you.

Success is the fulfilment of the original intent of God’s purpose in your life. It is not measured by what others have done. But measured by doing what you ought to have done. Constantly compare yourself with yourself. Only you know how great you can become. Never allow anyone’s award to deter your own reward. Only you know your journey and your purpose.

The key to true success, is not to pursue success. If you want to be successful, you must not seek success, rather seek to become a person of value. When you discover your unique gift, refine and start serving the world that is when you become valuable. If you want to be influential in life, become valuable. Value equals wealth.

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