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How To Discover & Release Your Gift To Impact The World | Myles Munroe

You want to impact the world with your gift? then you should be keen attention to the following.

Understanding the principle of self-manifestation

People are not looking for you, they are looking for what you are carrying. And if you don’t manifest what you are carrying, the world will ignore you. More so, because you are on the earth, doesn’t mean you will be successful. You can live your entire life on this planet, yet no one will ever notice you.

People will bury you and only your tomb stone will be proving you lived on earth. Apparently, this is not the best life to live.

The most important goal in your life should be self-manifestation. However, to fully understand the concept of self-manifestation, it is important to understand these human needs.

What are the greatest human needs

  1. The sense of purpose: every human needs to feel they were born for a reason
  2. Sense of value: we all want to feel valuable
  3. The sense of significance: no one will deny the fact that they want to feel significant
  4. Need to Feel important: when you ignore someone, it is a big hurt.
  5. The need for a sense of meaning. We want to believe that the is more meaning to our lives.
  6. To feel a sense of fulfillment: there’s this desire to feel like you have finished something.
  7. The sense of personal power: every human is in search of power. Power means the ability to control your circumstances.
  8. Feel successful: Humans hate to fail.

The human question

These needs are related to these questions

  • Who I’m I
  • Where do I come from?
  • Why I’m I here
  • What can do
  • Where I’m I going

All these questions, hunt every human. And most of us find difficulty answering these questions because they are very frightening.

Note, who you are is different from what you are. And to answer these questions, you should have a good mastery of yourself.

Furthermore, nobody decides their future. People decide their habits and their habits let them decide their future. What-ever habit you presently don’t have, you will face it in future.

About Habit

The power of a habit, can control your destiny.

Everything in life is a habit. You can decide your habit. For instance, prayer should be your habit. Dis -contempt is the seed of change. The only way to break a habit is to become discontent with it. You Can never change what you tolerate.

You will never become what you could be until you become angry with what you are.

Ask your self what do you hate? You can’t love everything. Your life is defined by what you hate. For instance; do you hate lying or do you tolerate it. Whatever you don’t hate you allow, and what you allow you will never change

How does this relate to your gift?

What ever you were created to become, you possess it now. In other words, what ever you were born to do, is not ahead of you, it is within you. What ever you were destined is already in you. Your future is never ahead of you, it is trapped on the inside of you.

You came to the planet earth with your future inside of you. God hid your future in a place where he knew you couldn’t miss it.

Gods will is not hiding around the wall, or around the wall. But it is in you. he is so kind that he makes his will available.

You were sent to release your hidden potential on earth. You are not a mistake, not a biological accident or a cultural nuisance. You came to this earth because the world needs something that has greatly been put in you.

Although, we have been damaged by systems and cultures to focus on getting an education, get a job we hate and retire. You were sent to this planet by a greater power, to deliver something the world needs.

God created everything with gifts. In order words, you are a package sent to your generation, in fact you are obligated to them.

Everything in creation was created with a gift. Furthermore, a gift Is the inherent capacity to fulfill a function that meets a need in creation. No one can give this to you, you came with it. The gift that you carry to fulfill the function, is to meet the need of something else in creation. You did not come to earth for your self and what you are carrying is not for you.

A gift can never be learned, it can only be refined. That’s why you can go to college, graduate and still be poor. Because education is not a gift. Most people went to college and study the wrong thing. Most subject choice are led by economic advantages than personal fulfillment.

Do not go to school to find your gift. No one can lay hands on you and give you a gift. No prophecy may give you a gift. It is inherent. The gift is the source of value to the creature. So, if you never find your gift, you will never be valuable to us. And your value determines how much you make in life. Don’t pursue money, discover your value. What ever gift you value is the source of your income on earth.

You know what is good about gifts? you don’t have to look for them. employment destroys gifts. it stops you even from thinking about them. teachers never ask students about their gifts but about their career. However, career is not your gift.

Furthermore, purpose determines your gift. If you can find the purpose of a thing, you will also find simultaneously its gift. Hence, if you don’t know your purpose yet, then you don’t know your gift.

Your gift puts you in front of kings. Even your enemies will look for you, because of your gift. That is how important your gift is. So, never neglect it. Your gift is that thing that will make room for you. Find it, refine it and use it. Your gift is your most powerful asset.

The gift of the seed is the tree. When you see a seed, it is carrying a gift. The gift of the tree is its fruit. Trees never eat their own fruit. Hence, your gift is never for you but for those who need it. Your gift is supposed to supply the needs of other people. Hence, make good use of it and become valuable.

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