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Dr Myles Munroe; Discover Your Blueprint And Build Your Gifts. Your Value Attracts Wealth

Have you ever wondered, why males suffer? It has to do with not understanding their gift. Every human came to this earth with a gift. And you must discover that gift, refine it, in order to fulfill the reason you came to this earth.

As you spearhead towards growth, you have to ask yourself this question; What is in your life’s blueprint; this is the most important period of your life. What you do now, will determine where your life is headed, or where your life will go.

Your gift is your source of significance. Every male wants to be significant in the lives of their family. The number one, motivation of a male is respect and to him respect means being significant in his home and his community.

To be respected means to be seen as important. But to achieve this, you have to find your gift. The blueprint of your life will serve as a guide for you to build your life’s structure. Your gift makes the people in your life have meaning.

More so, your gift is the source of your significance. What makes Michael Jordan significant? It is his gift. When a human finds their gift, they can make it anywhere. You cannot fire a gift. When men lose their job, they lose their head. But if they had their gift, they will move on.

Furthermore, when scouting for a blueprint, ask yourself; what is the number one thing you desire? it should be a deep believe in your dignity, worth, somebodiness. Don’t allow anybody to make you feel like you are nobody. Always feel that you have worth and that your life has ultimate significance. Means that you should not be ashamed of who you are. Your color, biological features. Somehow believe in yourself.

In addition, the key to success is first of all not to seek success. It is to become valuable. Stop trying to be successful and start being valuable. Money is attracted to value. The more value you give your self in the world, the more people will pay for you. Stop waiting for opportunity, the opportunity is in your body, think.

Do you know that the world’s richest entrepreneurs; bill gates, Steve jobs etc, started or built their products in their garage? What are you doing with your own garage?

Whatever you need is in the inside of you.

In that light, in your life’s blueprint as a basic principle, have the determination to achieve excellence in your chosen field. Once you discover what you want to do in life, set out to do it and do it well.

God gave never gave Adam a chair, table, clothes, because God hid the tables in the tree. So, I wonder what is hidden in you right now that you don’t see.

Doors are opening to everyone right now that were not open to people of the old, now the challenge is to be ready for these doors of opportunities that are open.

The most important thing in a man’s life is work. The word work means to become. It also means to manifest or reveal yourself. Work also means to fulfill your assignment. Let the world see what God hid inside of you. Work also means to function in the capacity of what you were created TO BE.

Nothing is more beautiful than finding a man who has found his work and is doing it well. Every human is created with a gift of value and we are all commanded to live out that gift. And gifts can never be lost. even if you never use it, even if you use to do garbage, your gift will always be with you.

If a man can write a better book or preach a better sermon, even if he builds a house in the wood, the world will trace him. Don’t drop out of school for no reason. And when you discover what you do in life, set out to do it like God had already ordained you for that moment.

Be a bush if you can’t be a tree, if you can’t be a sun, be the sun. If you can’t be a highway, be a trail.  it doesn’t matter the size of a thing, whatever you do or whoever you are, be the best of the thing. The size of a thing doesn’t determine its success. The human race cannot be catalogued.

Nonetheless, never confuse what you study in school with your gift. God can show you something different from your gift.

Handling your life’s blueprint must be a commitment to the entire universe principles. Of beauty, love, and justice don’t allow anybody to pull you so low as to make you hate them. Don’t allow anybody to make you lose your self-respect to the point where you fight for justice.

However, it may please you to know that; whatever God calls for, he provides. God will never expect something from you, that he did not put in you. Whatever God demands, he supplies. Whatever God expects, he injects, whatever GOD assigns, he designs.

These are important principles. Birds were designed to fly, so God put flights into birds, they never attend flight school. Fish was made to swim, so you will never find a fish attending a swimming lesson. The fish was built to swim. Seeds become tress, but you never find a seed going to a convention to learn how to grow trees.

So, here’s the principle; whatever God wanted you to become is not outside of you, it is inside of you. You can take a seed, and plant it in a poor economy and it still becomes a tree. Once you realize that your future is not around you or ahead of you then you become peaceful. Once you realize that your future is where you can find it; inside of you. All you need to aim for is originality.

The places you go to, should tap into your gift not just step into your savvy. Are you growing, are you using your talents where you are. If you want to be successful, your gifts make you specialize. You never see a fish trying to fly.

Lastly, your gifts give you security. No matter what happens, your gifts will always be your main property. People don’t threaten you when you are gifted. Your gift protects you from manipulation. You were born with the seed of greatness and that seed is your gift. You must find it, develop it and that should help you create your blueprints in life.



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  3. Chinedu nnadi says:

    Great work

    1. nery teanco says:

      very encouraging thank u

  4. Ghulam Nabi Bangash says:

    Im realy dhocked with joy to read such a facts bundle about this very important field of our life and got inspired by your such a magical thought provoking informations which has sparked my brain more bright about love marriage and affection in life.
    My prayer will remain for you.

  5. So-Oriari Sylverline Achese says:

    Thank you very much. The article was very helpful

  6. Sameer says:

    Thank you, i got it. Lets take start and let see where it will take me. I’ll try my best to utlize my gift.. thanks to all.

  7. Karl Fiebig says:

    Thank you that was very helpful

  8. Gabriel Wako says:

    So helpful these words and encouraging.

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