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Myles Munroe on; Try To Stand Out And Not Fit In

Break way from culture. The culture we live in, does not allow you to live out your true ability. Nowadays, we are so busy trying to fit in until we never try to stand out. So, people never get the courage to step out of that culture. To become a leader, you have to follow the principles: Myles Munroe on; Try To Stand Out And Not Fit In .

All through, leaders have to break away from the pack. Your greatness requires extraction from the group. Leaders do not seek acceptance, they pursue conviction and sometimes the conviction is not accepted. That’s why they become leaders, because leaders do not follow trails, they create paths. If you do what everyone is doing, you are follower.

Leadership is a trusted privilege, it is not a right

You have the right to pursue your vision, belief or dream, but you don’t have the right to demand people to follow or believe in you. When people chose to follow you, it means they have come to trust you. Hence, don’t abuse or oppress them, but be very tender with their trust.

True leadership is not a technique, it is an attitude. It is like beauty, you can’t define it but you can identify it. Furthermore, to achieve your leadership goals, you have to understand that; there must be a marriage between the leadership sprit (mentality to lead) and the spirit of leadership (ability to lead).

The first one, you were born with it, the second; you develop.

Myles Munroe on; Try To Stand Out And Not Fit In

Only 10% of the world’s population will capture the mentality of leadership,

Leaders are people who take responsibility to change things. To be responsible means you have the ability to respond to a situation. Complaining people are irresponsible people.

A person who recognizes something wrong and personally takes a responsibility to respond to that problem and change it. Leadership is born. Leaders don’t complain, they change things.

To be a leader, you have to make a very hard transition. Very few people, want you to be you. Because to be you, might mean, you will lose them. They don’t want to lose your company. So many times, the people who hold you back, are the ones who love you too much. They can’t bare seeing you change from what they need you to be. leaders always loose friends before they gain followers.

More so,

Leadership balls down to two basic things;

Who we are (ability) and how we think (mentality). And achieving this is not easy. Detaching from 50 years of mental control is not something easy. But its time to shake off the shackles and break the norms. No longer conforming to what people tell you, what you can and can’t do.

Becoming a leader is one thing but to exercise it, requires that you believe that you are capable of it. Inside of you is a trapped leader. You have to develop means to bring out yourself.

Nobody should tell you can’t do anything, no one can make you inferior without your permission. Don’t give anyone the permission to put a limitation on your life when God hasn’t. Break free from people’s assessment with your life.

Myles Munroe on; Try To Stand Out And Not Fit In

You are inherently a leader. No one will give you leadership, you are born with it.

Also, leadership is not about cloning others into your image. Your goal is not to clone people or make them imitate you, but to release them. Leaders are supposed to help others discover themselves. Help them find their own unique path.

Principles of leadership

  • Leaders have to be very protective of their environment
  • Every human was created to lead and to dominate
  • True leaderships are for self-manifestations
  • Leaders are born to produce other leaders.
  • The first thing you must discover is your purpose, then secondly capture your vision as a leader.
  • Leaders are meant to empower people
  • Leaders discipline themselves to achieve a purpose; Self-discipline, is the mark of a true leader.
  • Leaders must manage priorities. They are very clear on what’s important, not urgent.
  • Leaders are people who discover this strange strength of importance to the humanity.

First thing a leader must discover is a sense of significance. Leaders. Are their own raw material. In other words, everything you need, is inside of you.

Myles Munroe on; Try To Stand Out And Not Fit In

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