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Myles Munroe thought provoking thoughts on leadership

This article is the next in a series on the extraordinary life of the late Dr. Myles Munroe. Our focus for today is Dr. Munroe’s thought-provoking and insightful revelations on leadership. Dr. Munroe had a very unique style of teaching the principles of leadership from a biblical perspective… Myles Munroe leadership lessons

Additionally, his analysis of prominent past leaders who made positive impacts on humanity, despite having to overcome all odds, is revealing. Dr. Munroe was widely also known for his leadership training seminars that became a name brand internationally. Many Fortune 500 companies hired him as a Business Consultant.

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More so, Dr. Munroe was of the view that we were all born as leaders.  But the difference between a leader and a follower is attitude.  And that people do not change until their belief system changes. Dr. Munroe became angry, according to him, because churches were not reaching people the way they should. Dr. Munroe further lamented that “Leadership is birthed out of anger!”

He added that “In life, purpose is defined by the thing that makes you angry. Martin Luther King Jr. was angry; Mandela was angry; Mahatma Gandhi was angry; Mother Teresa was angry.” Dr. Munroe frequently used these giants, who fought for the dignity of humanity against oppressive regimes, as examples in his seminars on leadership. I thus found Dr. Munroe’s ground-breaking and forward-thinking views on leadership to be quite enlightening and food for thought. Below are some of his eye opening and enticing opinions on leadership. And  equally the role of true leaders,which we’ve shared below.

Myles Munroe leadership lessons

“Leadership is about giving service to the people, and not about people serving the leader.”

“Leaders have he capacity  to influence others through inspiration, generated by a passion, motivated by a vision, brought by a conviction, produced by a purpose.”

“Leadership is the serving of one ‘s gifts for the benefit of others.”

“True leaders do not seek acceptance, they pursue conviction, something to die for.”

“The greatest decision of any true leader is to staff his weakness.”

“True Leaders do not follow trails, they create them.”

“True leadership is discovering the problem you were born to solve and pursuing it with all your heart.”

“Most leaders are professional manipulators who are more concerned with looking out for themselves, than the people.”

“Leaders discipline themselves to protect their purpose.”

“True leadership must lead to change, and that change translates into social betterment.”

“True leadership is about a movement to disturb the status quo, bringing new ways of doing things.”

“A true leader gets joy when other persons are successful.”

“Good leaders employ other people, but great leaders deploy them.”

“True leaders do not keep followers, rather, they produce other leaders.”

“Leaders talk about their vision; share it with others, so that they can help to fulfill it.”

“A wise leader shifts positions without losing disposition.”

“True leadership is not a technique, rather it is an attitude that comes from a mindset.”

“True leadership cannot be taught, rather it must be discovered.”

“Many great leaders are products of circumstances, that force them to think differently.”

“A leader who does not fear God is as well a dangerous individual who feels he is not accountable to a higher authority.”

“We need more leadership than politics.”

“Leadership is not about manipulation, rather it is about inspiration.”

“Politicians focus on programmes and promises, leaders focus on vision and values.”

“People become leaders when they do not sacrifice their principles on the altar of convenience and compromise.”

“Politicians focus on power, but leaders focus on empowering people.”

“Politicians think of protecting their seats, but leaders protect the next generation.”

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Myles Munroe leadership lessons

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