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Depression is Real; Practice the Art Of Showing Pure Love

There was this girl in the university, her name is Linda. She took good care of her body, always wanted to be a lifestyle blogger.

Linda became a social media influencer, and she had so many followers on Instagram who all loved her. In a minute of her posting a picture, there will be hundreds of comments and likes. Tll telling her how beautiful and stunning she was.

She was a real entertainer, always making everyone laugh. Every guy on social media wanted her number. But she kept to herself. She just had this infectious energy.

Linda was always the life of the party, she got along with everyone. She was never seen with the same outfit twice. Boxes of expensive designers.

On Instagram, she was the perfect girl, with the perfect life. Living in a perfect world, with the perfect guys. Living the dream life. It seemed like she was always having the best time with her friends. Always traveling, new experiences and so many great stories to share. Until people started to notice.

Nevertheless, Linda was living two lives.

No one really knew her inside. She had everyone to text, but no one to talk to. Everyone to follow but no one to work with. When her phone goes off, the world was a stage but it was that moment a reality came. She had an invite to every event, but still felt lonely. She had all the friends in the world but still felt like, no one really knows her.

She was going through pain, but never showed that side. It was something she hid from the world, but maybe we just never asked. She had masked her sadness with what looked like the ideal life. She was always flying high in the air, but felt low inside.


Her inbox was always full, but she felt empty within. She was happy on the outside, but struggling with depression and anxiety. She had an addiction that everyone called a “lifestyle”. She was struggling with mental health but people were just occupied by her physical appearance.

Furthermore, people think depression is sadness and crying or being quiet. Depression is when we smile, but we want to cry. It’s when we talk, although we want to be quiet. We pretend like we are happy, when in reality, we are not. Depression is not always obvious.

Linda, drank to drown her pain and the pain learned how to swim. She was sick of crying, tired of trying, smiling but inside she was dying.


It’s amazing how we can think we know someone and still don’t know them at all. Most often, people don’t understand how stressful it is to explain what’s going on in your head when you don’t even understand yourself.

We use filters to lighten our photos whilst we carry the heavy weight of stress. Remember, it is okay to have highlight reels, but make sure someone knows how you really feel. It’s okay to use FaceTime, but make sure you spend quality time face to face. It’s okay to have followers, but make sure you have true friends.

Don’t live for the approval of others. Document the moments you are most in love with yourself. Not just the moments you think people will love the most.

When someone doesn’t post for a few days, we ask if they’re okay. When someone post every day, we assume they are. Tell people you love them. Be a trust worthy friend. Tell them that they matter, and that they have survived a lot and they’re ready to thrive now.

People who care, will ask how you are doing, people who love you, will wait till you tell the truth. And that’s why Robin Williams said, “I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone, it’s not. The worst thing in life, is to end up with people who make you feel alone”.

42 thoughts on “Depression is Real; Practice the Art Of Showing Pure Love”

  1. Ibrahim says:

    That is I feel when I’m with my friends.
    But deep down inside I feel so hopeless and lonely

  2. Jan christian Amundsen says:

    My wife died 4 months ago. I have a lot of friends, and are trying to Keep The funny face I usedvanlig to have, but are total emty inside. Depressed every day, and feel I cannot go outside in a bar or to dinner With my friends. It only make me more depressed when they have fun. Fell my life is over. I have a dog, and that’s my best frend. I talk to her, and she understand. What can I do to make myself well again? I fell I’m just living from day to day With emtyness all around. Regards. Jan.

    1. Norah says:

      Sorry for your loss but strength is with in you no one can tell you how to move just pray to God and you will learn how to

    2. Felix Igo says:

      Why don’t you make Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, your best friend. He’s always there for you. You can’t feel lonely with him by your side. He knows how to sooth your pain. He’s the best friend one can ever have.

    3. Joseph Nena-Luther says:

      There is one who will make you peace God…..Pray for Him and He wil answer your prayers

  3. Adeola says:

    Thanks alot…I will try to always think of myself nd to always be happy even after being hurt but dat won’t make me hurt other’s thanks..

    1. Joseph Nena-Luther says:

      Your friends and the people cannot make you ☺ only God does….

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  6. Ameaka says:

    This is thoughful and so true. Thanks

  7. Utally Nelly says:

    I will never live for the approval of others.

  8. Sherry says:

    I think everyone feels like this. I know I do. I beleive it is from loved ones that have passed away.

  9. Tracy Donnelly says:

    I have. Suffered from depression for about 15 years now despite having 5 daughters to love n care for some days I just feel so alone not so much these days but everyday is a struggle and its so draining u question everything about yourself even tho ur being told how well your doing on the outside u smile and say thank you but inside comes a hundred Q just on the back of one compliment but as hard and tiring as it is its one battle I may always b fighting but I will NEVER give in to it .x

  10. Sonya mclean says:

    Thanks alot, I have been hurt and I feel empty inside even feel useless, when my friends laughing and talking the only thing I can do is cry , I cried night and day , can’t eat or sleep but by reading these scripts and pray I take it one day at a time ,I feel like one day life is going to be better for me.

  11. Michelle says:

    I know that all to well it’s how I feel right now . It’s been like this for almost a year but it keeps getting worse I’m scared of myself sometimes.

  12. Mark says:

    I am busy internet online.I want to relationship with woman

  13. Arun says:

    I also suffered the same problem but I m not say to any one.

  14. Tracy J Deakin says:

    Yes I agree most times I pretend I’m happy.
    I do struggle with depression and anxiety and I never leave my house, except sometimes with my daughter to go shopping , which is also quiet stressful.

    Yes I do live for the approval of others!

    ,so yesi do know when I’m in love with myself the most and I do take note when I’m most in love with myself, usually when I’m think about an old boyfriend , i contact him with hundreds of text messages, but he is married with children but I swear Im in love with, for these reasons is when I really do feel good about myself .

    Then afterwards I go all paranoid and feel he doesn’t want me. I feel really guilty about even contacting him , believing then he actually hates me.

    And that’s horrible.

  15. Constance says:

    I used to cry often! This only served to push everyone away!
    I did take some CBT groups and ordered a workbook. What really worked was seeing a professional and getting just a few low mg meds. Sleep is good now-I am on a Routine (helps immeasurably). Panic attacks and feelings of doom are felt with!
    I no longer cry, I am even tempered, I don’t run from situations but face life head-on! While medications may take the edge off, it is all on me. To have friends, take care of my home, be there for my two adult kids, dress up and makeup after daily showers! I have my self esteem back! Time literally heals and being afraid will hold all back!
    It’s like you want to be better but…
    Most of all, I have respect for myself now and others have respect for me!
    I am a former Counselor and Social Worker! I turn down meds with bad side effects, I had my DNA analyzed on prescriptions, I take notes before Doctor Appointments and always question what I am taking and tell the Providers Mo a lot!
    Be your own advocate and get back out there!

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