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Toxic love; Own Your Happiness  

Toxic love

Toxic love

I gave you everything, and it still wasn’t enough

You made me feel like I was nothing, you made me believe that I was difficult to love

And I like a fool, I kept trying until it became too much.

I got in so deep, that I lost who I was. Toxic love it was

I knew it wasn’t right. But no matter how things got, I knew I had to try.

I told myself it would be different this time, I couldn’t give up.

Constantly battling whether this was lust or love. Because it it’s love, then why was it so messed up?

Toxic love

I would treat myself as nothing, yet to you I gave so much.

Then you go and break my heart, tell me that you are sorry and that this is a fresh start. And like a fool, I’d wait.

Wait for the day you would make another mistake. A part of me wants to speak up, but I hesitate. It’s like you controlling me, you’ve infected my brain.

How do I escape when you have become part of my dna? Even when you gone, I’m still the one left with all the pain. He said, he’s sorry.

He told me he didn’t mean it and that he would change. And I chose to believe him when he said, he won’t hurt me again.

I’m not expecting you to understand, go ahead and judge me. But if I lose him, I’ll have nobody. Do you get that? Who wants to live a life where they are alone and empty? I need him just as much as he need me. Fate says he completes me.

Toxic love

That’s how it works, we just keep going until one of us gets inevitably hurt. So yes, I chose to stay.

Go ahead and call me weak, I’m not expecting you to understand, just know that leaving someone is not that easy. He’s gotten into my mind and without him, I’m paralyzed. To the point where I force myself to believe him when he apologizes even though I know it’s all lies.

Every waking moment I cry, I’ve gotten used to it. It doesn’t hurt so much anymore, I’ve become numb to it. I’ve become sore. And in some sick twisted way, he’s my only cure. What can I say, I’m incredibly flawed.

Love is not as blissful as portrayed on social media and fairy tail movies. Sometimes it’s lot of pain and sacrifices. You keep pushing until you bleed.

Toxic love

But truth is, find someone who is worth bleeding for. sometimes this is how loves creeps through her system and infects us with the disease of co-dependency. Love is beautiful and magical but it is also mixed with pain and struggles.

However, don’t let yourself get entangled in relationships that make you lose your soul. If you find yourself losing your essence, and pouring out your spirit into something that can barely make you confident and secure, then quit.

Until we learn to be happy with our own company, we always feel lonely even when we are in relationships. Never give someone that much power over you. You alone are responsible for your happiness and your love.

Toxic love is very dangerous. Co-dependency can ruin your self-worth. Run far away from these traits and find someone who raises your standards not lower them. stay true to yourself and when the time is right, the right person custom made for you, will find you.

Toxic love

Cinderella teaches us that; we would find a prince who would take our rags and give us a ball gown. But in real life, you have to become your own prince. Wash your own rags and make become the princess you’ve always wanted to become. Save yourself, become your own hero. Write your own beautiful love story.


43 thoughts on “Toxic love; Own Your Happiness  ”

  1. Utally Nelly says:

    Love is beautiful feeling. Thanks am challenged

  2. Irfan says:

    For love

  3. Darja says:

    when love is not posistive, but negative, it disturbs you.

    1. Priya says:

      Yea, but love yourself first then anyone else

  4. Affiong Ebieme says:

    Love is a good thing

    1. Laxshan says:


  5. Titus says:

    I love is emotional feeling,it can intoxicate like someone who is addicted to alcohol

  6. Emmanuel Lerpolu says:

    Love is a beautiful thing but full of pains and sorrows.
    Thanks for this piece!

  7. Akabe Jr Leo says:

    Awesome piece

  8. Goufodji azaria says:

    Je veux une femme responsable très souple et qui va faire du sérieux.Une femme qui est sur le point de se marier sans aucune condition. j’aime les loisirs le tennis le cinéma, et de j’aime amener ma conjointe au septième ciel.

  9. Ben says:

    Love is a beautiful tin,love being love

  10. Deepak guptA says:

    Love is life . But some time love become a end of life

    1. Harriet Esther says:

      Yes true love is nice

  11. Jen says:

    Love hurts…

  12. Adrian Ezewudo says:

    Love is very good but you have to control your love.

  13. YAYA says:

    Hello is good

  14. Manny says:

    Toxic love maybe because you live in the world of suspicion ….refrain from the belief of having unconfigured “7th sense”… just joking my dear…. leave the man if he doesn’t care..

    Meanwhile, stay calm , just take things easy …to maintain the pulses of your nerve system..

    You still have your friends who will protect you and value the relations with your family.

    Till we meet again….

  15. Tammy says:

    Im sure just like me many loved themselves but during the process of loving another became damaged … and it is not easy to get out of a toxic love relationship because the damage seems to disable your ability to find the strength to leave .. sometimes your strength is taxed by the day to day struggle that comea from living in a love of this kind …

  16. Maryann says:

    Me to i was in the same relationship like yours, it was hard to quit every time thought of doing so, he was always apologizing but deep inside the heart he knew he was wasting my time, it took me 4 to 5 to accept it…… afterwards i came to know that he was a double dealer he had alot girls so he was not scared of loosing me and that was not love since that time i lost trust and i started learning how to love myself

    1. Brandy says:

      Yes, you are so RIGHT! ONLY if we give our power away.

  17. buras says:

    To be loved is good , but sometimes don’t expect love in return but let it grew in your heart that you love him/her. It will mitigate some pains.

  18. Gabriel Oladipo says:

    We are responsible for our own happiness.
    If we expect others to make us happy,we will always be disappointed.

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