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Black Skin Girls Are Never Ugly

Now a days, some black ladies (and surprisingly some black guys too) have fallen for the beauty myth that the lighter the skin, the more beautiful the person.

To get this light skin they so desire, dark-skinned people bleach their skin with dangerous chemicals that are known to cause cancer. With all this fakery and skin bleaching, today’s black woman is looking far from black.

In effect,  Skin bleaching has become a growing phenomenon around the world and it’s becoming a bigger business.

Now it’s a multi-billion dollar business and all the biggest cosmetic companies now sell products that are supposed to lighten your skin.

The truth is most people don’t appreciate black beauty and its really a pity. most women now have been brainwashed to think, you only look pretty in light skin but that’s not the case.

Dark skin girls are the best, they are pretty the way they look especially with their long nappy kinky natural hair. Dark skin is so gorgeous, it is the most beautiful of Gods creation on earth.

Most of the times, when people see a pretty dark skin girl and on attempt to compliment them , they be like, oh wow your too pretty for a dark skin girl and some even say your pretty but your dark skin…seriously!!! why should she not just be ordinarily pretty but has to be pretty for a dark skin girl.

some people would be talking to dark girls and be like

“You would be so much more attractive if you had lighter skin

seriously?, beauty in its truest sense is inclusive of all shades of all people. you should love your skin color

After a lighter-skinned has been out in the sun for a while, they say; “I’m as dark as you.”

You can spend all day in the sun, and I’m pretty sure you’re still never going to be as dark and pretty as a dark skin girl

“Were you always this dark?”

I guess people darken over time sometimes but yes, most dark-skinned people didn’t wake up one morning and roll in permanent charcoal of some sort.

By the way, there’s nothing bad about being dark because the last time I checked, melanin-rich skinned folks usually have pretty freaking flawless skin.

You should definitely marry someone lighter/White. So your babies aren’t so dark.”

Basically the idea having children that look like you, and have your skin color should not be repulsive to any one.

your children are going to be freaking flawless regardless of who you marry, and whatever shade they have.

Don’t wear dark colors. They will just make you look darker.”

You know one of the awesome things about being dark-skinned is you can pull off just about any color in the rainbow.

And I definitely believe in Coco Chanel’s idea that “the best color is the one that looks good on you,” so go right ahead and wear whatever the hell you want.

if you ever come across such comments, answer them with all pride.

Defend your color, defend who you are. No one should ever make you look low on your self because of what they think about your color.

Nobody should make you feel in order to look beautiful on the outside , you need to have another prescribed color. Embrace who you are and make the most out of it.

As we embrace our beauty, we become living and breathing monuments to the fact that there are no formulas for beauty..

Being dark skin is rare gift, only the special ones have. Beauty should not be based on the lightness of someone’s skin tone, who we are inside should define how beautiful we should be outside.

“there’s no shame in black beauty says Lupita Nyongo”

Indeed dark skin is not a badge of shame but a glorious master piece created by God. black is beautiful!!

Telling people you are pretty for a dark skin girl , is absurd .

Dark skin girls, should love being dark skin, love their skin tone, move around with pride, wear all the shades of makeups, lipsticks etc that they desire, dress with all the colors that they think suits them.

Stay black, stay beautiful, stay overly confident and stay true. So yeah i’s say, put down the bleach, your skin is not dirt that needs to be cleaned out like yesterdays shirt. You are not beautiful in spite of your darkness but you are beautiful because of it.

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