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Insecurity Is A Killer Disease

Insecurity Is A Killer Disease

There was this girl at the university

She dreamt of being a banker

marry the man of her dreams

Live happily ever after

The fairy tale life.

But her life took a different twist

Things became trendy

Her crew became cold

Now she has to fit into the mould

Cuz she doesn’t want to be lonely and rejected.

She’s insecured about her self

So she’ll do anything to get love and attention

She buys the latest outfits

post photos on Instagram

Hoping that now , her body attracts what her heart can’t somehow

Slowly becoming something shes not

Desperate for anyone to think that shes hot.

All the love and dreams that She craved just hasn’t come true

The fact that She saw the world affected all her decisions

She’s lost but wouldn’t even admit it

If you ask her, she’ll say she’s fine , she disguises it well but she’s dying inside.

She tries wild partying and drinking

Sleeping and fooling around

Just anything that could fill that hole in her heart.

She’s drowning in sorrow

And deep down inside of her she’s needs a saviour

On the outside she builds a facade with make up, wigs , cute clothes, so her life will seem filled but she’s bleeding on the inside and incomplete.  

So afraid to let anyone know , the bad bitch was once an angel

What’s the solution to being so insecure?

Sex, money and fame can never restore your self esteem.

Make up, a hot body or am influx of people in your life, only cover the main issues but never solve them

Stop looking for answers in all the wrong places

True help can only come from our creator

God sees under our mask and still chooses to love us endlessly.  

God is the reason why my smile isn’t fake .

In him, you will find rest.

You deserve the best, your beautiful.

You are bigger than trends, and you worthy to be loved the way you are. Be  you, even when fake is the main thing stiring attention.

In a world where everyone hates real and celebrates lies, stand in the light of your authenticity.

Be your truth,  own it and love every bit of you. You are the biggest thing in the world and the world won’t be better place without you in it.

Shine your little light . Let it shine!!!

Kick out insecurity and embrace your prowess.


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