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It Had To Be You 

It had to be you with the fight
It had to be you with the struggles, the pain, hurt, the loss .

It had to be you with the issue of blood
With the dirty past , with the wrong label

Be cause anybody else would have given up
Anybody else would have messed up , ran away , quitted.

I knew you would share the glory that followed , you will teach others and share your testimony so others can be blessed by it. I knew you will be strong and still keep the faith . I knew that even in trouble , i can still tell you are my child

I just need you to trust me , the bricks I throw at you ,are not meant to kill you but am building a firm building in you, so when I start using you , no wind can blow you away. I need you to trust that when I prune you , its not to kill you but to make you grow.

It had to be you , because just Like the woman with the issue of blood, you will become so desperate for me and seize the opportunity to tap into my power that has been made available.

Trust that the struggles and difficulties you going through , will reveal your strength and you will need the strength to move to the next level .

Trust that every storm is your servant, they teaching you something ,they showing you things you never knew existed within yourself

If you were never broke , you would never had known how to hustle and survive .

Just maybe if your heart was never broken a few times, you would never been able to appreciate a good man. If you never went through tough times, you would never had known how much you can endure.

Trust that I have a way of making all things work together for your good .
So it’s okay to have issues but trust that its only just a process to something more glorious

4 thoughts on “It Had To Be You ”

  1. Tahir mahmood says:

    I m very sad for love all girl fake me loly i m very sad if love me then marriad me one lady9

  2. Reziel says:

    Thank you for this wonderful message. It’s in the right timing because I can’t find way to stand up again after the fall. And a lot of questions In my mind thats longing for answers. Somehow those have been answered today. I can now mobe on and start again.

  3. Judith says:

    This is the wonderful message! Omg

  4. Sebrenna says:

    It’s all for our good. And it will all work itself out.
    Only trust and have faith.
    Just keep on going! 🌻

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