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Be Bold To Live Out Your Dreams

Many people are scared of being themselves . So many people are scared living their dreams . What ever cage they have been confined to, we can only pray they leave soon.

Hopefully, some day, we will all break from the cage of;

What would they say ? What do people think about it. What will my family say ? No don’t be different , no one has ever done things that way .

The cage of ; it doesn’t apply to culture, what will pastor say etc..

Into the freedom of ; what has God placed in my heart to do .

What do i truelly want , what is my purpose , what are my desires . I want to live my dreams despite the worlds standards and what everyone else thinks .

Furthermore, sooner or later we will come to realise that the power of bringing our dreams to fruition is within us and no one else. And if we let anyone or anything box us, we will die unfulfilled.

Truth is, people will always talk , so don’t kill your self trying to get an opinion from them.

Your validation depends on no one else but God. He sent you, he equiped you with everything you need to succeed. He trusts you. So be you. With your flaws, imperfections , weaknesses. He knows about them .

He created you.

For once come out from your cage and be brave . Stop trying to please ” them” for once,

please you.

When was the last time you listened to your inhibitions and stood your truth instead of twisting and hiding just to get am opinion from them?

No one is worth that much. No one can truly care about you, like you.

I pray you dare to achieve your dreams. Be bold and work towards your aspirations.

Dare to defy the odds and disregard statistics. If God puts you to it, trust the process . You are not in this thing on your own . God will always have your back ..

Be you !!! Break free from stereotypes. Get lose from people’s opinions holding you back and have a say in your own life.

Make your own decisions, own your feelings. Be authentic . Stand in the light of your truth. Dream as wide as you would love to dream and live unapologetically.

Be comfortable in your skin and in dreams. There can never be another you. You have a purpose to fulfil . Be strong and be of good courage.

3 thoughts on “Be Bold To Live Out Your Dreams”

  1. Kenn says:

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Zen Lam Tuang says:

    Thanks so much

  3. Stephanie L Mitchell-Davis says:

    I needed to hear this! Well said.

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