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Woman To Woman

I know it may not be popular, at times it even seems like it’s going out of style, but for me there’s nothing like being a woman.

And, no, I don’t believe every girl born a female becomes a woman. I’m talking about a breed that takes her scars and transforms them into wisdom. Who sees every pain as an opportunity for purpose to be manifest.

I mean the kind of woman that defines loyalty, courage, responsibility, and class.

The kind of woman that can walk away without tearing you down because her character doesn’t allow her to stoop to certain levels.

I’m talking about the kind of woman who is strong enough to let a man be a man without fear of being ran over because she’d never be connected with the kind of man who would abuse that power.

Yes, I know it may seem old fashioned and maybe it’s going out of style, but there’s something about a woman who can celebrate another woman because she’s not threatened by her success, beauty, or wealth.

The woman I’m talking about doesn’t take joy in another’s pain or need designer things to make her special.

A woman who keeps God at the center of her being and pulls every soul she encounters into the consciousness of His love. A woman that makes you feel better even when you’re at your worst.

A woman who comforts where you are, but challenges you to become better. Everyday I open my eyes I pray that God brings me closer to being that kind of woman.

May you never allow this world to rob you of the beauty of being a phenomenal woman. This world needs more women like you.

Women suffer the torments in this world. They go through the same process. No one is better or bigger . Wether in the corporate field, entertainment or home etc, a woman will always be treated as woman.

So it’s time for women around the world to gather and form a solidarity. A bond that says ” no matter what you put us through, together we are going to stand “.

Women should stick together and let others know they are not in this war on their own.

If there’s one thing the devil is most scare of , is women to work together or be United. He knows he’s heel will be crushed . There’s power in the midst of women.

Women are powerful. They rule nations and take charge of the whole society .

Women are God’s best creation.

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