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Body Love

I’m not here to preach about loving your body and all of that .

For long I’ve tried to love mine. I feel insecure about my weight but I just won’t stop eating .

Yeah I know I’m self confident , no insecurity and all that , but I just realised I don’t really love looking at my self in the mirror.

Worst is, I don’t like taking full pictures . Selfies are great. Trust me , they don’t show you the fatty stomach, the twisted waist and the edgy armpits .

All they show is your pretty face covered with all the mascara and powder.

I take 50 selfies a day, because I really do admire my face . Yes I do. I love it when I push forth my mouth and struggle to see my dimples .

Best of it is, I love to see my smile .

But taking a full picture? Never .

When i go out and someone mistakenly takes me a full picture, I beg them to delete it or if they send to me, I quickly delete them before I even consume the image into my mind.

Sad thing is, I didn’t know I hated my body.

I’ve never known how to care and nurture it because I’ve never even tried to look at it and say ” Hey you are mine, and I got to take care of you”.

My body felt like someone else and I another person , sad thing is I never even realised it.

So dear body;

I’m so sorry for not paying attention to you. I’m sorry for all the times I rejected you and made you feel like I did not chose you, you chose me and now I’m stuck with you.

Please forgive my bad eating habits and uncontrollable love for food .

I’m not promising perfect, but please I need us to have a relationship . Teach me how to love and care for you .

Teach me how to be yours and show me how to chose you above everything else.

We are one and inseparable. Let’s journey together 💞💞.

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