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Its okay To Not be Okay

Too strong to admit , she’s weak
Too jovial , to admit she’s lonely

Too busy to admit she’s lost
Too encouraging to admit she’s discouraged.

Like how can she ever find her balance
Running away from her self
She says it’s okay to not be okay
But cannot accept that she’s not okay herself

Traped in her own world she created
Laughing amongst them
Crying when she’s alone
Never been weak in public
How does she start now ?

Never known anything as receive help
But to offer help, she’s a master at it.
Never had a listening ear
But has always been an audience to others

How does her walls get down
When there’s no one fighting to get in
Loneliness has been a friend
She’s learned to keep for a long time

Fallen in love with her favourite poison
Some times she feels she has to sparkle
But covered in deep soot
She has not mastered the courage to spring out.

She needs a new light


Hope that someday,
She will grow out of the darkness
And sparkle
Hope that,
someday Grace will save her


Faith that some day her dreams will come through .

That someday someone will look into her eyes and say “I know you are hurting, and it’s okay, because I’m hurting too”.


To melt down her walls and show her that she too is capable of being vulnerable.

Love to break down those defense and make the world see her for who she truly is. Weak, soft, fragile, and capable of harnessing emotions.

Life is too short, to stay behind our mask. Sometimes we think they are our shield , keeping us from harm, but these mask are also keeping us from our blessings .  Definitely it blocks out everything .

It’s okay to show the world your hurt, wounds and scars .  They might stab again and again . And it’s going to really hurt each time but they are also going to make up your experiences.

Your experience is who you, and it doesn’t have to make you bitter. It just has to inspire you enough to conquer the world .

One thought on “Its okay To Not be Okay”

  1. Brandy says:

    Wow! I’m speechless…..nothing is farther than the truth. God can heal our loneliness and our hearts. Know even though you may feel unloved, not worthy of love you are loved by God. You are never alone and he loves you more than man. Make God the center of your life and he will show you love like never before. God bless you and keep you. 🙏

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