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The Woman

She’s a woman, not a weakling. She doesn’t need to be treated with caution but to be loved deeply.

She’s a wild flower . Sometimes she gets tired, lost and confused but she doesn’t need your pity , she needs your support.

Do not try to protect her because she’s a woman but because she is human and every human deserves to be protected.

The strenght of a woman is never failing but most times her wings are clipped down by the Society’s box.

The idea and stereotypical view of who a woman should be or how a woman should live her life has been a long time cage that every woman needs to break free from.

Don’t tell her she can’t do this or do that because she is a woman. Give her the opportunity to try.

Let there be a balance in the board room, politics, education, fashion, work force etc. Give them a chance without second guessing their abilities.

Do not fish for her because you think she’s fragile to go fishing for herself. We can’t keep raising more generations of dependent women.

Give her the hook and teach her how to fish.

The world won’t survive without women in it. They are the producers and nurturers, and must be held in high regard.

The woman is very important . Let her get the education she wants even if it means it may defy the mentality of ” a highly educated woman , may not find a man to marry”.

It’s time women start standing up for other women. Women seek empowerment but the truth is no one can give it to them.

They have to go out there and empower themselves. Demand for their rights, seize opportunities and dare to shatter some glass ceilings.

Hire a woman, teach that little girl growing up how to fight for herself and remind her always that no one was ever going to do that for her.

Break the stereotypes and defy statistics. No two women are the same , they are all unique in their own form. They have different needs , and are their own kind of beautiful .

She is more than

a good woman and

a good person. She is

a beautiful soul

who carries

light in her smile

and love in her bones.

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