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It’s and Its What is the difference?

Think your English needs improvement? Well… think no further, my motivational life now provides you an opportunity to betteroff your English Language and become a pro “English-speaker.”

Many English speakers get confused with the use of It’s and Its.  Others use the words interchangeably which is incorrect. Here is the difference between It’s and Its

It’s is always the abbreviation of “it is” as in “It’s (= it is) a nice day, isn’t it?”

 Its is the possessive of “it” as in, “That is Morton’s puppy but I don’t know its name.” In the second sentence, its means “belonging to it

Example of words showing use of It’s and its

Ex1. It’s a bright moring in New York. The Central Park here is widely known for its sunbath.

Ex2.  It’s my cat’s and its kitten’s home

Ex3.  It’s time for the party and its main theme is retro.


56 thoughts on “It’s and Its What is the difference?”

  1. jayant says:

    i also join

    1. Alistair Drummond says:

      Rubbish. In example 1 it reads ‘ it was a bright MORING instead of MORNING’. Rubbish.

      1. Faria Sadaf says:

        Dear it must be typing mistake.

  2. Abid Hussain says:

    Very good source to improve english

  3. Jane Ataku says:

    It’s oky and clear now.

  4. Desmond Banigo says:

    It’s really nice know

  5. Durga says:


  6. Willie Glory says:

    Wow! It’s lovely

  7. Mahira says:

    Thanks and I was searching for some thing easy to learn and improve…..

  8. Jayeshpatel says:

    Really I learnt something new I love this

  9. Hamid Saleem says:

    This indeed a helpful source to improve English.

  10. Ghazi Ur Rehman says:

    Really I learnt something new I love this

  11. Bernard Mukupa says:

    Wow, it’s wonderful…

  12. Suriya says:

    Nice to learn verbal knowledge

  13. Nayyar Iqbal says:

    Excellent. Good job.

  14. Imran Ahmed says:


  15. Vall says:

    Yes,It’s very important to improve my English .

  16. Alice says:

    I like how you explain it , truely a learning place.

  17. Khorshed says:

    It’s very nice.

  18. Anaemena larry says:

    Thanks for the provision of this medium of learning English language, it’s amazing in its own way.

  19. Cesar M. Flores says:

    It was in my twilight zone, thanks for the reminder. Now it’s etched in my my memory memory.

  20. Anamy Indac says:

    Very useful. It can help to improve my english grammar

  21. Alissa says:

    Really helpful…Thanks

  22. Rohit Khairnar says:

    I really like it.
    Thanks for helping..

  23. Naeem says:

    It’s really good for new but its special

  24. Guled says:

    Very educative

  25. Eric says:

    Thanks for the program it’s really helpful.

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