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Advice and Advise What’s the difference?

It is not disputed that the words advice and advise are often confused. While some some English users cant make out the differences between the two, others use them interchangeably. However, these words differ in spelling and meaning. Lets look at the differences between advice and advise.


The word advice is a noun  and it means an opinion or recommendation that is offered to someone as a course of action. Advice is pronounced with an ending sounding like “ice.”

The word advise is used as a verb which means to offer an opinion or suggestion, or formally give  information. Advise is pronounced with an ending sounding like “ize.”

Advice Examples

Ex1. I will need your advice on which mobile phone to buy.

Ex2. You have done this before, please I need your advice.

Ex3. He took my interview advice and he later got the job.

Ex4. You need to always get home improvement advice from an expert.

Advise Examples

Ex1. I want you to advise me on what to do when filling the application.

Ex1. You can advise her on the series of  career choices.

Ex2. I will advise that you take the first buss so as to be on time.

Ex3. The libarian will advise you on which books to read

Ex4. The teacher will advise you on how to create  succesful study groups.


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