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Whose and Who’s, what is the difference

A lot of poeple get confused with the use of the words whose and who’s. These 2 words have different meanings. In this article, I will take you through the difference between the 2. Let’s get started.


Whose is the possessive form of “who.” and is used to show ownership.

Who’s is used as a contraction, a shortened version of “who is,” or “who has.” This is the ONLY THING “who’s” can mean.

Examples with the use of whose

Ex2. Whose pen is this on the table.

Ex3. Whose bag is bigger, Stacy or Peterson?

Ex1. Sandra whose father is a teacher was the first in our class.

Examples with the use of who’s

Ex2. Who’s the new boy in class

Ex1. Who’s going with mum to the garden?

Ex3. The man who who’s won the race is from Kenya




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