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Assent and Ascent, what is the difference

The words assent and ascent are quite often confused.  Sometimes people use one in place of the other.  When used interchangeably, the meaning can be changed. So… lets look at the difference between assent and ascent.



Assent means a distinctive manner of oral expression while ascent means an upward movement

Examples of the Assent

Ex1. Americans have a different assent from British

Ex2. They have the same lange but the assent differs

Ex3. Some Africans speak English with a different assent

Examples of the word Ascent

Ex1. The athlet completed the ascent of the mountain

Ex2. The priest has just ascent to the pulpit to read the Holy scriptures

Ex3. It is not advisable for kids to ascent very tall laddars.





7 thoughts on “Assent and Ascent, what is the difference”

  1. Sarah Jean says:

    You are mistaken. Assent-v. Express agreement or approval; concur. n. Agreement; acquiescence.

    Accent-n. Special emphasis; stress placed on particular syllable in uttering a word.

    1. Alfred Santos says:

      Sarah Jean is correct; I concur.

    2. Roch says:

      Yeah! You’re right

  2. Ann says:

    Assent – to agree to yield
    Ascent – climb or move upward
    Acsent – to stress or emphasise/ to speak in a way peticular to a certain region .
    Correct spellings
    1. Language not Lange
    2. Athlete not athlet
    3 Ladders not laddars
    You may love English but you are Shit at it !

    1. Carolyn says:

      Ann, I think you have a few words wrong yourself. Accent, Emphasize and Particular – all done in the same sentence!! Don’t jump so hard on someone who is trying when you are doing just as bad, or worse, because you should know better!! Get a dictionary or learn how to use spell check!! Thanks for a good laugh this morning, I needed that!!

  3. Poornima G K says:

    Yes this is the right meaning of the words assent and accent.

  4. Jojo says:

    Nice one carolyn

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