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Amongst and Among, what is the difference?

Studies has shown that many English speakers get confused between the words among and amonst. These words are similar in meaning, yet they have to be used contextually. Lets look at the difference between Amongst and Among and how to use them rightfully and contextually.


Amongst is a variant of the word among. There is no difference between them. While amongst is fairly common though still rare compared to among in British, Australian, and Canadian English, it is rare in American English and  sometimes may even have an archaic ring.

Examples of words with Amongst

Some of the tendencies are found amongst his peers.

Marcus was amonst those assigned to supervise the students.

Peter is well thought of amongst the students I’m sure he can be the class prefect.

Examples of words with Among

Linda was among the few succesful candidates

The man divided the money among his children

We could not find him among the hundred of people who gathered at the the stadium


One thought on “Amongst and Among, what is the difference?”

  1. Vall says:

    Never I’ll be alone amongst friends.
    It’s bad traffic but not for a motorcycle among the cars.

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