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Brake and break, what is the difference?

If you are looking for the difference between brake and break then you are in the right place. These two words are different in meaning and spelling. Without delay lets look at the difference between brake and break.

Brake a device for stopping a vehicle; to stop a vehicle

Break means to separate into pieces. also means to stop doing something for a while

Examples of the word Brake 

Ex1. The driver applied the brake on the hilly slope.

Ex2. Ensure that the brakes is working well before you take off.

Ex3. The brake of the bicycle is good so you can now take it home.

Examples of the word Break 

Ex1. He break the bread into pieces.

Ex2. Break the cola nuts into smaller units

Ex3. Take a break once in a while and relax.


16 thoughts on “Brake and break, what is the difference?”

  1. Syed Atiq says:

    Error in your English;
    He break the bread is wrong, He breaks wouldn’t it?

  2. Deepti singh says:

    This is too much nice. We can learn difference in many words.

  3. Nnaemeka Stephen ogbonnaya says:

    He break’s the bread is continuous action while he break the bread has one Time of occurrence

    1. Sheila says:

      Helo I thought it was he broke the bread

  4. Vall says:

    The bus driver pushed quietly the brake before the tarmac’s break.

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