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Born To Reign

There is something about God that if you have not experienced him , you can not fully know him. You cannot say God is a provider , if you have never been hungry.
A healer if you have never been sick
A deliverer if you have never been afflicted.

A way maker if you have never been lost 
A miracle worker if you have never been challenged
Light in the darkness, if you have never been in the dark .
So yeah it is okay to glory in your infirmities .

How can God say his strength is made perfect in our weaknesses and yet no one wants to be weak ( 2cor 12:9) .
We are complete in him but every one wants to be whole on their own.
It is okay to be ignorant sometimes , because God can’t use you if you already know everything.

God did not call you to be perfect , He knows you have flaws and limitations , so quit trying to impress and just serve him.

Be his child, be adopted into his kingdom, come to him with a pure heart and watch him turn
your mess into a message ,
your barrier to career ,
your scars to stars
Your shame into a promise
And he will give purpose to your every pain .

So stop complaining , stop listening to men and just know that you were born to reign above every pain, situation , limitation .

No limitation can hold you bound when you believe in God. When you see yourself through God’s eyes, you will live boldly through life. 

Jesus has given you a name to reign above shame. Become a messenger for Christ and let your misery become your ministry .
You were born to reign
Rise up now and take your rightful place. you were built for greatness, you can do this.
Shine sweet hearts shine !!!!

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