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Daily Archives: April 11, 2019

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Difference between bare and bear

Some words can be really tricky, They either sound the same or have almost the same spelling. An example is bare and bear. These words sound almost the same. Nevertheless they are spelled differently. They are also different in meaning. Let us look at the

Thought Provoking Quotes on Truth

Fools lie. Clever men stick to the truth.   Dream as if you’ll live forever live as if you’ll die tomorrow. I feel safe in the midst of my enemies, for the truth is all powerful and will prevail. Telling the truth and making someone

Great Quotes on Truth

Truth has power, truth is durable, truth does not have legs but it can travel long distances. Read more truth quotes below.  Nothing better than listening to a lie when you already Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding the truth. Truth is one,

Blessed on A Broken Road

Your heart bleeds You wonder in the dark Hoping some day you will find a safe haven You don’t know what you are doing anymore You are lost . Seeking for help, but no one would understand In a room full of people but still lonely

The Woman To Woman Credo

Together, we can break off shackles, set millions free, and conquer the world . Who run the world??? Women have been so insecure for so long that they have become masters in the art of bringing others down, envy , hatred etc. But i don’t blame them at

Is Life Perfect After The University?

Well that will depend on our definition of perfect. To someone, they dream of getting married to a fine ass man, having kids and living off their husbands money #ThePerfectlife #Goals . To another person, they had the connection to a well paying job and boom

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