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Blessed on A Broken Road

Your heart bleeds
You wonder in the dark
Hoping some day you will find a safe haven
You don’t know what you are doing anymore
You are lost .

Seeking for help, but no one would understand
In a room full of people but still lonely
Drowning in your own silence
And will do anything to create a distraction.

A drug, sex, gossip, anything.

You beat your self out of the race
Give excuses like :
Lack of fathers presence in your life
Lack of support ,love , beauty

But deep down inside of you,
The greatest enemy is fear .

The shame of a hurting past
The misguidiance of the presence
And the fear of the unknown future

A broken girl knows better not to dream beyond what she can see.

The path is lonely, scary .
She hides her self inside her own skin and shuts down.

Not bitter, but settling
Her body becomes a pawn for amusement
Thinks if she has sex more, she would worry less .
Alcohol, cigarettes and all kinds of malicious behaviour
She had to get distracted some how.

Too strong to admit that She needs help,
Too weak to keep fighting.

But she doesn’t want to be that girl anymore

Her miracle was words away from her
All she had to do was
Say “I need you Jesus “
And every hurt, shame , confusion will disappear .

She was damaged goods
then she met her savior. “JESUS”
And everything changed

It was a tough choice to make
But she needed saving after all.

Her fears became her audience, her shame and hurt became her tools
Her short comings became her strength

She was blessed on a broken road

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